Friday, June 24, 2011

Rooms That Inspire: A New Look At A Bookshelf

I have a Precious Friend.  We are both from the same state and same town.  We knew of each other back in that small town, but were not more than acquaintances.  Then God in His Goodness with a Perfect plan for both of our lives happened to relocate our two families to Southern California at the same time.  Since living here together we've developed such a great friendship.  I love how God works in that He had to move us over a thousand miles from our hometowns to have us meet and have our families grow in life together.

My sweet friend- Love Her! 

Celebrating my birthday with our preciouses.
Not only is my dear girlie beautiful, kind, generous, and loving she is a FANTASTIC decorator and has the cutest beachy bungalow she has decorated with great alley finds, repurposed items, and Anthropologie accents.  It just makes me feel good to be at her home.  I leave inspired to create something amazing! 

I was at her house today and took a couple pictures with my son's iPad.  Hopefully I'll be inspired to complete a couple summer projects!

Check out this favorite.  It's a new take on a bookshelf.  I think the iPad is only allowing me small photos at this time, but hopefully you can see.

I'll post more photos of favorite decorating ideas and hopefully you'll be able to see with better detail.  Until then.

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