Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime Dress Up

Our kids used to love to dress up.  I kept bins of dress-up clothes available for their enjoyment.  After Halloween, I'd go to clearance sales to buy more costumes.  If they were into pirates, we'd buy small women's blazers and make them into pirate clothing.  We'd hunt down ruffled tops, scarves, funky glasses, and wigs.  We'd make capes for our superheroes.  If we were studying historical figures, we'd make costumes to dress up like them.  The kids loved it!  The dress up times were laughter filled.  It was exciting to see a new combo created and I especially loved seeing the kids faces as I'd marvel at their ingenuity.

Dress up days seem to be a thing of their past.  Occasionally the kids will get some costumes out and play around, but many of our get-ups have been sold or given away as the kids have outgrown them.  Here are a couple of our oldies.

A sequin cape adds pizzazz to any costume

Beautiful Long Hair makes doing dishes more fun!

A cowgirl

Super Boy!

Young Pirate Boy
Summertime and free time inspires kids to find fun things to occupy their time.  Although we have limited costumes, our daughter came up with some fun ones today!  I was completely entertained by her!

So if you have kids, have costumes!  It makes life better!!

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Cris said...

That is quite the Photo Shoot - Ari! Love them all!