Friday, July 27, 2007


Our oldest just finished his summer baseball session. This year he played spring and summer ball. It was a first for the dedicated soccer player. He added baseball to his busy spring sports routine and learned a lot about the sport. It was a bit frustrating and intimidating at first, but by the end of summer session his confidence was building. Mom loves the sport because it offers her a lot of bench time talking with other moms.

Beautiful Girl

Having a little princess in your life is such a gift. I never knew how much joy this princess would bring to our lives. She wakes early and gently comes to our bedside and caresses my face. Good Morning Mom! She then asks, Can we curl my hair today and maybe can we go shopping? While curling her hair she talks about all the wonderful shopping trips she wants to go on when she is bigger. Strange thing is we rarely ever go shopping. So how does she know to love shopping. The boys never ask to go shopping, unless its to the local sportsman store to look at bikes or sports gear. I guess it's a girl thing. Thank the Lord for this little girl in our lives.