Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrating My All-Stars

I'm a self-described Wallflower.  Webster defines a wallflower as:
a : a person who from shyness or unpopularity remains on the sidelines of a social activity (as a dance.

Looking like a Wallflower...maybe not

Friends and family would vehemently say "wallflower" doesn't describe me.  I have often teasingly said, "I wish I was an introvert.  I want to be less predictable."  I think in some ways I do have a slightly introverted side.  I do really like being alone.  I get VERY nervous in large social gatherings, especially when I don't know many people.  I'm horridly afraid of failure.  I'm a perfectionist and if it's not perfect, it's crushing.  This could be the first born side of me.  But reality is, in a Myers Briggs-Kevin Leman world I'm a first-born ESFP {wallflower}.

Growing up I wanted to get picked for "the team," but often didn't.  What I lacked in athleticism as a child, I think I'm making up for as an adult.  I've learned, it's worth trying, even if there is failure.  At least I tried, and if it's fun, I'm all about it!  Maybe that's why I'm so crazy about running and CrossFit.  I'm testing and pushing myself harder than ever before.  My only competition is me.  Can I do better than I did last week? or even yesterday?  I thought this yesterday when the workout consisted of a mile run, 2000 meter row, 100 burpees, 100 box jumps and another mile run.  I was sweating like I've never sweat before!  It was tough, but it felt great!  It was an accomplishment and it was fun.

Unlike their mother, our kids are naturally athletic!  I think they get it from their dad.  They excel at most sports and the best part is they love it!  It's not an area we push them into, they just beg for more and more sports.  Last year I asked our middle son what he would like to change about his homeschool experience.  He thought a minute and then replied, "I'd like to do MORE sports!"  I wasn't expecting that, but it's what they love.

They've just completed a fun-filled season of baseball.  All the kids' teams did very well.  I couldn't be more proud.  They gave it their best.

Today the Little League All-Star Teams were announced.  Our boys didn't make the all-star teams.  Granted, one of them is injured with a broken collar bone.  In addition, we live in highly competitive area where little leaguers have private hitting and pitching lessons from former baseball pros.  They swing $300 bats, and drag around $200 bags.  They've been playing most of their young lives.  I think playing with a high quality of players raises the bar so our kids will strive to play up to a higher level, but it also makes selection tough.

This spring, I sat in the stands proudly cheering for our oldest son as he single-handedly completed a double play.  He was playing 3rd base.  A runner was on 2nd.  The batter hit the ball.  Our son dove for it, tagged the runner coming from second and then shot the ball over to the first baseman and got the batter out.  Amazing kid!  And I proudly watched as game after game he was called up to the mound to pitch relieving another pitcher.  Often when he was called, bases were loaded and he'd shut out the 5th and 6th innings.  He did not cower under pressure.  We will also remember the time he hit the ball out of the park, scoring a home run!  He was part of a great team that supported one another and was given opportunites to grow as a baseball player.

The Home Run Ball

Home Run Hitter

Clutch Pitcher

That's my sweetheart- full of joy!

Our middle son also had a great season.  His Little League team made it to the Tournament of Champions.  They had a great winning streak.  Our little sweetheart had some awesome plays at 3rd!  The most exciting was the triple play his team made!  That is a true rarity in little league baseball!  He spent most of the season as catcher and at 3rd base.  He did a fantastic job at both.  We will also remember some super throws to the infield when he was playing outfield.  He has a terrific arm.

Catching- He loves it!


The truth is I love baseball.  Today, learning the boys didn't make the All-Star teams marks the end of the season for us.  I think I'm grieving.  In fact, this is strange to admit, but when I was oxy-cleaning and spray and washing the boys' baseball pants the other day I was overcome with sadness.  Perhaps, I'm going to miss laundering the stains from sliding.  It's one of the joys of motherhood.

Our boys are my All-Stars.  I'll celebrate them.  They're on the team!  Our team!

As my husband was leaving this morning, we were all sitting in the living room with long faces.  In his wisdom, he said, "We are about more than baseball."  He knows all things happen for a reason.  In all we do, we'll continue to give it our best and see what happens.  We are about more than baseball. 

I love this family!

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Betsy said...

Love this post! I can't believe how much your boys have changed in a year! They both look so much older. You have a wonderful family and they are all incredibly blessed to have you as their matriarch :)

BTW- that CF workout looks AWFUL!! What the heck was it?!