Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baking Day: Company Cookies

I promised my girlie a baking day yesterday.  We went garage sale-ing on Saturday and she found a new cookbook.  It is a Gooseberry Patch cookbook called Old-Fashioned Country Cookies.  I asked her to pick whatever recipe she wanted to bake and we'd do it.  She chose a recipe called Company Cookies.

Welcome Home Ocean View World Series Champions

Rolling out the RED CARPET

Last night we welcomed home our 2011 Little League World Series Champs!  It was a heartwarming celebration of a job well done!  Reports say over 500 people were present, mostly local Huntington Beach families, but there was one precious boy who traveled over 40 miles to welcome the boys home. 

At the end of the evening, I met this little guy who asked his dad to bring him to Huntington Beach, from Baldwin Park, so he could be part of the celebration and hopefully meet the 2011 Little League World Series Champions.  Despite the fact that would get home late before his first day of school, he told his dad he wanted to be in HB.  His dad carried a large American flag seen in many of the photos and news video.  They proudly wore clothing with the Declaration of Independence and "God Bless America" printed on front celebrating the U.S. win over Japan on Sunday. 

Before I met him, his little guy had the opportunity to have a few of the OV boys sign his flag. 

Upon hearing his story, we decided to give him our OVLL foamboard sign we made when the boys played and defeated Northern California in San Bernadino.  He was just beaming and so happy. 

The sign we made for San Bernadino

Look at this face!  Priceless!

Next, the goal was to get all the boys from the team to sign his poster.  I love this stuff!  He was glowing!  His dad told us that he was starting school this week and would probably bring the poster to school.  I was a mom on a mission for this little guy.  Although it was late, and the Ocean View boys were getting ready to leave, we found them and I think we were able to get all of them to autograph his sign.  They were all so gracious and encouraging! 

Trevor signing



Eric and Steven

An OV dad and his dad.

One of the best events of the night for me

With our league vice president

Seeing a child light up when he has a dream come true warms my heart! I hope last night was memorable for this baseball fan.  I know it was memorable for me.  Meeting this little one and his dad made my night!

Thanks for coming all the way from Baldwin Park and thank you for supporting Ocean View Little League! 


The Mommas Get Interviewed

While at the Ocean View Welcome Home last night a number of moms had to create human "Caution Tape" to keep the crowds back while the boys were being interviewed by the media.  Mostly we had to hold back the 12-year old girls who've taken quite an interest in the boys. 

While holding hands in our Momma Bear line, a couple reporters from the Los Angeles news media came and interviewed us.  I shook my head no to the interview afraid of what goofy thing I may say, but the reporter encouraged us to say a few words.  Here's one of the reports from KCAL. 

(Click on the words in orange)

Ocean View Little League Team Celebrates World Series Win: The Ocean View Little League team of Huntington Beach is back at home celebrating their World Series win. Juan Fernandez reports.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Homecoming For Little League Champs | FOX 11 News

Here's a news report from FOX 11 News about the Ocean View boys homecoming!

(click on the orange link)

Homecoming For Little League Champs FOX 11 News

Heartbreaking Loss For OC Little League Team From Huntington Beach

Heartbreaking Loss For OC Little League Team From Huntington Beach: Stacey Butler was watching the game along with friends and family in Seal Beach.

Huntington Beach Little League Team Plays For Shot At World Series

Huntington Beach Little League Team Plays For Shot At World Series: The Ocean View Little League All Stars are just two games away from potential glory. Michele Gile reports.

Huntington Beach LL Advances To U.S. Championship Game

Celebrating our Ocean View Little League Team.

Huntington Beach LL Advances To U.S. Championship Game

Big Cheers In Huntington Beach For Little League Champs

While the Ocean View Little League team was in Williamsport, we were gathered at Suds cheering on the team from home.

Check out the link of the hometown celebrations.

Big Cheers In Huntington Beach For Little League Champs: The Ocean View All-Star team won the Little League Championship today giving them a berth in the World Series. Kara Finnstrom reports.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time for Celebration Ocean View Little League World Champions

Oops!  Someone better alert San Bernadino to use spell check in sign making.
Despite the sad news of the last couple weeks, we've also been riding a wave of excitement and celebration.  Isn't it interesting how life is like that.  In our saddest moments, we also experience many moments of joy, laughter and exuberance.

As many of you know sports are a huge part of our daily life.  Our kids play sports year-round and since moving to Southern California they've fallen in love with baseball.  Perhaps it's because they can play daily in the sunshine, but more likely, it's because we are blessed with an outstanding Little League program that is second to none.

Our local Little League All-Star team has spent the summer systematically advancing through district, state, regional, and national baseball tournaments all culminating in an electrifying win over Japan today in the Little League World Series.  They are the first team from Orange County to ever win the Little League World Series.

We've gathered with friends watching games over the summer, celebrating each win and today they accomplished something most little league players will only dream of: winning the World Series.

Here are a few photos of the road to the Little League World Series and the Big Wins in Williamsport.

Our cute President!

Mr. Personality

Northern California v. Southern California

This one was from the local newspaper

The Winners! 

Representing West!

Bound for Williamsport

Throwing a T-shirt in the give-away.

Great commercial.

The packed, HOT hang-out. 

Proud parents of Christian Catano.

Packed House!

So cute!

Mayor Carchio and my friend.

Television crews...they were ALL here!  ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX

Hagen Danner's familiy

Coach Pratto and Nick Pratto

Did I mention, PACKED HOUSE!

More camera crews

World Champions!  So proud of these boys!

The crowd started shouting, "USA, USA, USA!"  Love this town.

News interview with Danner family.
Here's a video clip of some of the festivities.


Often, when going through tough seasons, God blesses us with events that bring us joy.  Today was a day filled with Joy!

Congratulations Ocean View Little League!  Well Done!

Celebrating with Ocean View/ West Baseball sugar cookies. Recipe to follow.