Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Night To Remember

The anniversary couple...married November 1992

Yesterday we celebrated our 17th Anniversary. It's hard to believe 17 years have so quickly flown by.
The day started out like many other Saturdays... Soccer game, basketball practice, etc. After our youngest played her soccer game I learned that it was also last day of baseball sign-ups. What?? We just finished fall sports, just started practicing winter sports, and it's already spring sport sign-ups? Thus began the tension of our day.
I had to rush over to sign-ups with birth certificates in hand and proof of address. I waited in the long sign-up line after filling out my 15 (yes, 15!) forms and then finally made it to the close-out line. It was there I realized I didn't have my checkbook and definitely didn't have the $300+ cash in my wallet.
I phoned DH who was enjoying a U10 play-off game and asked if he could run home and grab the checkbook. "What?? They don't take debit?" was his response. Mine too.
Well, finally as they were closing the gates to sign-ups he arrived with the checkbook, and the boys were signed up for spring baseball.
By then I was feeling tired, frustrated and just wanted to go home for a nap. The relaxing anniversary day I had planned in my head was not panning out.
After a quick lunch at a favorite spot, we headed home. I needed a nap and a workout. The boys went to shoot hoops.
Because of the busyness and the tension DH and I almost decided to cancel our anniversary dinner plans. Things were just not feeling celebratory. Some days things just go awry and you feel like the enemy is out to get you. This was one of those days.
So I took my snooze. Hopped on the eliptical when I got up and started to feel better.
Maybe the date would work out.
In the meantime, DH and the boys had gone out to Ann Taylor Loft and bought me a new outfit. Super cute! Fit Perfectly!
I scrambled and called a friend who would love to have the kids over.
Despite the rough start, we were ready to leave by 6:00pm. The kids called me downstairs and much to my SURPRISE my Chariot did await!!! Hub had rented a limousine for us to take out to dinner!
I had never been in a limousine before. Excitement abounded!!

Their First Limo Ride...the High Life!

The kids, hub and I piled in the limo and we dropped the kids off at their friends' house.
We then went to a fabulous restaurant called The Cannery. The food was amazing!! As was my company!!

Salad and Grilled Seafood...Presentation was beautiful!

And the perfect ending to the perfect meal...bread pudding and coffee
The day seemed to begin in disaster, but at the end of it I felt COMPLETELY
and Adored!
Thank you sweetheart for a most memorable 17th Anniversary!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 Things I've Learned Living in the O.C.

I'm not sure I have 10 things yet, but I'm working on them. I'll share them as they formulate in my mind.
#1- When living in the O.C., don't bring dessert to a party. No one will eat it.
My sweetheart made a beautiful Tiramisu recently and we brought it to a party and the hosts said no one would probably eat it. What?? Not even try homemade Tiramisu?? Is that politically correct?
I've been thinking on this for a couple weeks. No desserts?? When you make homemade cookies, kids ask mom "Can I have one??" And many times they turn it down. Very Interesting...
When we moved down here we realized there is a higher level of healthy living than we've ever experienced before.
I think overall people in O.C. choose carefully where they're going to spend their calories. If they're going to have a holiday cocktail, they're definitely not going for the dessert.
According to the Calorie King one piece of Tiramisu will cost you about 602 calories. Wow!! Didn't realize that one!
So...when your living in the O.C., bring a bottle of red wine to your guests. Leave the desserts at home or make them for your friends in other parts of the U.S. where they'll be consumed and appreciated.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Colonial Study

We've been studying the Colonial Times this fall. It's been great fun reading about life from the Pilgrims Landing through the Revolutionary War. The last couple of days we've made apple pies, spiced acorn squash, homemade donuts, and today we made candles.

All the activities are great fun, but we do tend to make big messes.

Yesterday while making the apple pies we were all covered with flour, but it was so fun!
While making the donuts, the tongs slipped out of my hand splashing oil all over my arm. Ouch! But the donuts were SUPER yummy!

Today while making the squash, we ended up having many squash seeds all over the floor, but that's an easy pick up.

And when making the candles, I accidentally spilled wax on the cooktop. That's a CHORE to clean up! But like our little middle son reassured me..."But Mom, it was SO FUN!"

So despite the messes, the burns, the huge clean ups, I wouldn't miss these opportunities to create, make and experience life with these littles.

Waiting for the wax to melt...

The Candles...

Cleaning out the Acorn Squash

Cleaning out the squash

All good projects are better when wearing your beautiful braided LONG hair...

Rolling out the Pie Crusts

The Apple Pie


The burns