Thursday, September 09, 2010

Great Ebay Sale- Target HOME Plates

Years ago, a good friend, The Queen of Auctions, tried to convince me to try selling on ebay to earn a supplemental family income.  I was too overwhelmed with a real estate career and little ones at home to even think of "trying" something new. 

Since leaving the real estate field, I've often thought of making an effort to sell on ebay for a little extra income.  This year she encouraged me to take the leap.  I opened an ebay store and have been selling regularly since last spring. 

I just attended one of her bootcamps and she suggested I purchase this set of dishes we found at a thrift store for $12.50.  Let me tell you...I'm so glad I listened to her suggestion!  The total profit on this set was $114.07!

I must admit, I didn't listen too well at the bootcamp.  I listed them as a BUY IT NOW rather than at auction first.  She thinks I may have left some $$ on the table.  I guess this is part of my learning curve.  I'm happy with the result.  Hopefully they'll arrive to their destination in Florida safely. 
Terra Cotta Dinner Plate

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School- FIELD TRIP!

First Day of School Photo
Our first day of school this year was celebrated with a field trip to SKIRBALL JEWISH CULTURAL CENTER.  I was intrigued with the write up on the Noah's Ark exhibit in Fun and Educational Places To Go With Kids in Southern California.  Not only did the exhibit and museum look education it was packed full of fun!  The kids played for hours in the giant Noah's Ark display.  The animals were made from repurposed materials.  If you look at the flamingo long enough you'd notice the fly swatter legs, the purse for a body, and the thread spool neck.  Other animals would sport whisks for legs, bamboo steamers for necks, noodles for quills, miniature Volkswagen cars for heads. 

In addition to the artistic displays, the kids found hours worth of playing to do.  They climbed rope ladders, pumped water creating the flood, made storm sounds, escorted the animals into the ark two by two, and finished with a little art project.

After the Ark play we grabbed a snack then toured through the displays of Jewish history.  Did you know that along with financing Columbus in 1492, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella also marked history by expelling all Jews from Spain?  Or that in 1881, Jewish people from Europe began immigrating to America.  Between 1881-1924 about 2.5 million Jews came to America seeking a better life. 

Along with history we learned about Jewish holidays, clothing, celebrations, persecution and some of the contributions Jewish people have made in science, music, art, medicine, and more.

It was a GREAT day!  What a wonderful way to begin the year!
See the Metal Blinds?  Or the Whisks?
Climbing through the Rope Tunnels

See the Purse?  Or the Thread?

This was a popular stripe on the first day of school


Monday, September 06, 2010

The Dream is Becoming Reality

Last year in our homeschool studies, we've learned about Colonial America beginning with the Vikings up through the Revolutionary War.  It was my dream to take the kids to see history come to life by visiting the East Coast and the places we learned about. 

In order to make this dream happen, momma needed to raise some $$.  So how does a full-time wife, mom and homeschooler raise money to take five people to tour the East Coast.  Remember the ebay venture I wrote about earlier?  Well, it's going well and we've raised a good portion of the money.  I'll blog on some of the best sales later.  I definitely feel blessed!

Tonight was a BIG night!!  I was a bit nervous, but with the help of my hub we nailed down dates and booked our flight to Washington D.C.!  Whew!!  How wonderful!  Now we'll need to begin planning our agenda. 

I've been told we can catch trains from D.C. to just about anywhere on our list.  I'm so excited!

Back to the research...we'll keep you posted!