Friday, June 03, 2011

Paleo Salad Week: Delicious Pear Steak Salad

Yesterday I grilled up a considerable amount of meat to have on hand if the days became to busy to properly cook a meal.  Included in this grilling were two large London Broil steaks. 

As I was thinking of preparing dinner tonight and looking around the kitchen I saw a couple pears in our fruit bowl.  Hmmm.... something delicious was brewing in my mind.

Pear Steak Salad
feeds ~6

1/2 of large container of Organic Spring Mix Greens (Costco) or 2 bags organic spring greens from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, etc.
2 sliced rounds of red onion, about 1/2 cup sliced red onion
1 pear, cored and diced
1 teaspoon coconut oil, preferably organic
Crumbled Blue Cheese, optional

Place greens in large bowl.  In a medium frying pan heat 1 teaspoon coconut oil.  Place onion and pear in pan and saute for about 2-3 minutes until warm and slightly tender, but not softened.

Pear and onion in frying pan

Lightly saute
After a few minutes in pan, remove pear and onion from heat and pour over greens.  Toss with dressing, following.


3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
1/4 teaspoon dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon dried basil
1 clove garlic, diced
kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

After tossing greens, pear, and onion with dressing, place in salad bowl, or on plate, and serve with sliced, grilled London Broil.

Topped with crumbled blue cheese

The pear and the blue cheese...Wow!  Enjoy!

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