Monday, May 28, 2012

A Happy Day to Remember

Today is my birthday.  It's my half-way mark to 90 and my half-way mark to 50.  It's also Memorial Day.

As a kid I hated that my birthday always fell on or around Memorial Day.  Friends left on weekend get-aways, camping trips or picnics making birthday parties difficult to plan.  I grew up thinking it was a pretty sad and lonely time to have a birthday.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Where Are They Now? Another Teaching Year Comes to a Close

Teaching.  Last week two of my teaching commitments came to a close.  As I was packing up my class supplies I began to reflect upon the year. I get so sentimental, so easily.  I realized this year how much I love teaching, not just teaching my kids, but others.  I really do love it!  Perhaps this is why I'm so passionate about homeschooling.  I love learning and presenting material in a way that hopefully appeals to students.

Reaching the end of yet another year has given me cause to reflect on my brief experience in the public school arena.  The first kids I taught are now in their 30's!!  How can that be!  I wonder what became of them?  What happened to those little 4th graders?  Also, when I look at the precious gifts given to me by dear Ukranian students and their families, I wonder if they made it in their new found country, America.  What happened to Yuri, Alexei, Nazar, Ludmila, and so many more?  Did they embrace the freedom they were seeking?  Did the kids who struggled in 4th grade, make it through and find a love for learning?  I often wonder where they are now.  Teachers spend a year with kids, pour into them, and then the kids have to move on.  Next grade, next teacher, next year.

Little Nazar, Travis, Olga, Travis, Antonio...1992

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Paleo Banana Pancakes...YUM!

I've been trying to perfect the paleo pancake for a bit now.  I totally miss eating pancakes!  They're my FAVORITE breakfast item.  This may scare some people, but when I was in high school I would eat a stack of 6 large buttermilk pancakes along with 4 eggs many mornings.  And even with all that food, I'd be hungry by 10:00 am and struggle to make it to lunch.  I was the one with the growling stomach in class. SAD!  I used to be so embarrassed and am so glad my kids don't have to experience this.

Monday, May 07, 2012

Little League Day & Albert Pujols Hits His First Angels' Homer

Yesterday we celebrated Little League Day at Angels' Stadium and kicked off a fun-filled-action-packed family day.  We met with our fellow Orange County Little Leaguers in the Angel Stadium parking lot on the morning of May 6th.  There were thousands of anxious kids with coaches and team parents awaiting their turn to enter through the tunnels and step out onto Angel Field.

Downtown Disney Lego Store Now Open!

We have a Lego boy in our home who's been obsessed with the Danish interlocking building blocks since he was a wee little lad.  I love watching the wheels spin as he spends countless hours building and creating.  He doesn't seem to tire of it and hearing the Lego employees refer to the "Master Builders" I can sense he'd love to be a "Master Builder."

Living fairly close to a Lego Store, is a highlight in his life.  We frequent it when we head to Downtown Disney so he can purchase mini-figures or look at the latest Lego releases.  He has informed me his one Birthday wish is to be able to go into the Lego store, make his purchase and walk out with a BIG bag!  I think to a Lego boy, that is a sign he has "arrived."

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Crazy for Hot Milk Cake & Caramel Frosting

Our family has discovered Hot Milk Cake and boy oh boy, has it become a cake of choice around here!  Apparently, it has a LONG history of being an old-fashioned favorite.  So glad we've discovered this classic!

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Book Study: The Courage of Sarah Noble

Grades 1-4 Class

This year I've been blessed to teach a couple book study classes at a local homeschool organization.  One class is geared toward grades 1-4, the other grades 4-8.

In the younger class we've read:

Ox Cart Man
The Drinking Gourd
A New Coat for Anna
The Rag Coat
Miss Rumphius
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain
The Courage of Sarah Noble