Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Land of the Beautiful People

We just returned from a refreshing 10-day vacation to our "former" home in Orange County.  My heart is full and I'm feeling thoroughly blessed by the generosity of friends.  They sacrificially gave their time, prayers, and invited us into their homes.

We chose to head to the OC, after only four months in our new Midwest location, mainly because our passes to Disneyland expire on the 15th of this month, although many think it was because we're already experiencing a freeze-out here.  Yes, we're freezing in this 30 degree weather, but we hear it's bound to get much colder!  I'm learning to love being inside the house.  Bread is baking in the oven as I type.  Cold weather makes for cozy, comfort food.

Although my heart is full from time with friends and blessed by the magic of Disney, one thing I was reminded of while we were in the OC is: IT IS THE LAND OF THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.  You can't miss it!  They are EVERYWHERE!  A few steps off the plane, I looked around and knew, yes, I'm back in Orange County.  Fabulous Shoes, Coach bags, manicured eyebrows, the whitest most amazing teeth, and gorgeous hair.  Not many bushy brows or ponytails to be seen.