Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Costumes Revealed

Here are my little sweethearts.  Did you guess what they'd go trick-or-treating as?

Last chance to guess before I spill the peas...

Here are my P's with their crazy dad.  He's so proud of  his 'fro and obnoxious chest hair.  Oh my!

We asked "Dad" not to pet the chest hair for the photos.

The Black Eyed Peas

Halloween Neighborhood Party

Fall.  Changing of the seasons.  Leaves turning color.  Chili.  Halloween.  Friends and family.  Bobbing for apples.  Games.  Bounce House.  Decorations.  Costumes. Laughter.  Pinata.  Celebration.  Sweets.  Exhaustion.

This describes our neighborhood Halloween party we had this past weekend.  We have a great group of moms who organized the whole thing.  What a blessing and a fantastic way to get people out of the house to meet those who live next door.

There were tons of children playing, laughing, eating.  Here's a glimpse of our evening!

I baked sugar cookies for a cookie decorating craft.

Frosting!  Sticky!

Bobbing for apples

Donuts on a string

My guy is so cute!

Pinata line

What an exhausting night of fun!