Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Day at Knott's Berry Farm

Last week visited Knott's Berry Farm. It was a fun day enjoyed by all.

Our little girlie (and her mom) enjoy the merry-go-round, bumper cars and the like. She also liked the Ride the Rapids which made her think the log ride would produce a similar experience. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into.

We didn't know that a portion of the log ride is in complete, pitch-black, darkness. That feeling of dark emptiness scared her and gave my heart reason to become a bit anxious. I was concerned for my girlie. I didn't want this ride to scare her. She was aware of the drop soon approaching, but after the darkness the drop seemed even more intimidating.

A few moments before the drop she began to cry. Her fear was overwhelming her and I just wanted to take it away. Crazy thoughts crossed my mind, "I bet I could just grab her and jump off this ride and have someone come get us." But I knew I couldn't act that fast and the impending drop was just going to have to happen.

When she saw the light and the upcoming downhill the tears really started to fall. I held her tightly and thought, "It'll soon pass."

We survived the ride, but tears and lots of hugs followed.

Watching our kids go through scary moments or tough situations breaks a mom's heart. For some reason the thought of my own mom standing beside me through the births of our 3 children crossed my mind as I was holding on to our little girl down the log ride. I thought of my mom knowing the pain I'd go through and encouraging me through it. Sometimes there's a pain we can't take away, we can just be there to hug and encourage.

I'm thankful for a mom who encourages and hugs.

Thanks Mom for being there!

Some Mornings are Just Great

Some mornings I wake up, drag myself out of bed and quickly head to the coffee pot for a little caffeine pick-me-up. Such a day is not filled with early morning joy or enthusiasm.

Today is a different kind of day. The kind of day I love! I wake early and feel completely rested. The kids are still asleep and the house is silent. The quiet is so wonderful! I tip toe around so as not to make a sound to cause the littles to stir. I open my Bible study and have a 1/2 hour of uninterrupted "quiet time." And to top off a great morning, the study for today is so compelling! Love it!

I'm currently finishing up Believing God by Beth Moore. It's a great study...some parts are eye opening and encouraging. Others are convicting and challenging.

Today the study was entitled, "One Believing Man." A brief story of the life of D.L. Moody was described. D.L. Moody was an uneducated man, but set out to be a man who was determined to live a life fully and wholly consecrated to God.

He had an amazing life establishing schools, street missions, soup kitchens, and other charitable organizations.

One thing Beth revealed in her description of this amazing man of God is that he was "Teachable."

She writes, "One characteristic of this believing man impresses me most: Dwight Lyman Moody was originally uneducated but his unceasing teachability produced a scholar of scholars. Early in his ministry Moody had little use for grace theology. Then a man named Moorhouse visited Chicago and had a transforming effect on him. Moody invited the former pickpocket-turned-evangelist to preach while he was away. On learning that Moorhouse taught God's love for the worst of sinners, Moody retorted, 'Then he is wrong.' Having heard the sermon, Moody's wife, Emma, suggested that Moorhouse could back up every word from Scripture. When Moody returned to church the next sunday morning, everyone had a Bible."

She continues, "I am impressed by D.L. Moody's willingness to receive constructive criticism and go forward with such zeal that his weakness ultimately became his strength. Beloved, sometimes our hearts are right, but our doctrine is wrong. What fruit is produced when we agree to be teachable...and perhaps even say we were mistaken!"

How powerful!!

It is my desire to have a teachable heart. To learn more and more about the heart of Jesus and to grow in his likeness.

I recently read Sacred Influence and so much about being a godly wife was revealed to me. Life is a process of continuous growth. As Christians we should consistently be striving to have the heart of Jesus. To love what he loves, and hate what he hates.

I hope today continues in the great way it began...the sun is shining, I'm convinced it'll be GREAT!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Skater Boy Takes the Crown

Our middle son just completed a week long skateboard camp. He was ALL smiles everyday...even after 3 hours of activity! Everyday we'd tape up his road rash, and open wounds, he'd put on the pads and head out to learn more tricks. When we'd pick him up he'd remove his helmet hiding sweaty hair and tell us of his experiences. He loved his t-shirt given to him at the beginning of the week by the camp instructor. He wore it everyday even though I begged him to let me wash it. No go!

At the end of the week he was awarded 1st place in the competition for his group. He earned another new t-shirt! Whew! A change of clothing!
He's already asked if he can attend the afterschool camps that are offered throughout the year.

It's great to see your kids find something that they're so excited about.

It was a fun week for all!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Another Attempt...

For those loved ones in my family who refuse to get a facebook account, but want to keep up with our daily life, I'm going to try, once again, to do a daily journal entry. I think it's a beginning of the school year thing where I get super enthusiastic about schooling, journaling, reading, etc. We'll see where it goes.
Well today is the 12th and according to the UPS tracker email I received a couple days ago...we should expect our homeschool books to arrive today!! I'm so excited about them and I think the kids are very excited too! I'll take a picture when they's that exciting!
We went to Barnes and Noble yesterday because the kids have all completed the Summer Reading Program and had earned (through reading) a free book from Barnes and Noble. Our oldest came home with Percy Jackson's first book in the series, Middle son came home with 21 Balloons, and (not surprisingly) our girlie girl came home with Fancy Nancy! They all were commenting how MANY great books there are to read and can't wait to dive into them.
Right now we're beginning 21 Balloons and just finished reading Thimble Summer by Elizabeth Enright. It was a great book similar to Little House books or Caddie Woodlawn.
The kids are waiting for me to come downstairs to read...more to come!