Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love the Sourdough

We go to Disneyland/California Adventure quite because my dad gifted us season passes for the second year in a row.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  And each time we go, we head over to California Adventure's Fisherman's Wharf for our complimentary snacks...a free slice of sourdough bread from Boudin's Bakery and a Mission tortilla.  We listen to the history of sourdough starter and think about the 49er's who introduced the wonder to California.

I have a little girlie who LOVES her breads, especially sourdough.  We don't often buy it so the California Adventure is quite a treat. 

We've been studying pioneers, Westward Expansion, and The Mexican American War.  As a fun little treat, in honor of the California settlers, we are trying our hand at Sourdough Starter.  We actually got the recipe from a book about the Alaskan Gold Rush, but I figure they all must have shared the same information.

Today she mixed her starter.  She was so funny when I attempted to hand her a stainless spoon to stir her starter, she quickly corrected me and asked for a wooden spoon.  She said, "Mom, I think the wooden spoon is MUCH MORE PIONEERISH."

Our starter is now sitting on our kitchen counter.  It needs to sit there for about two days before we can tell if it's working.  We'll keep you posted.

Beginning...See the Cinnamon Swirl Bread, Oatmeal Bread and Chocolate Chip Cookies in the Background?  Could it be we're raising a little baker?

Doesn't she look so Pioneerish with her wooden spoon?

Love her little Dip-Level-Pour

Roll out & Cut out

This was on BIG ball of dough!

Sometimes we don't make the cutest biscuits, but they sure taste good!