Monday, June 20, 2011

Preparing for Next Year...Where to Start? A Homeschool Must Have

Last Year's Book- Well Loved!

When I first started homeschooling I didn't have a clue where to begin, where to find the "right" curriculum for our family, or what to buy.  Through careful listening, research, and asking a lot of questions I've learned a few things over the last seven years.

One resource I learned about early on and look forward to spending my summer perusing is the Rainbow Resource Center catalogue.  I love this book!!  It's about two inches thick, bigger than most phone books.  It is filled with an exhaustive collection of curriculum complete with a descriptive evaluation written by one of the staff at Rainbow.  Much of the staff is composed of Schneider family members.  They've successfully homeschooled 7 children who tested on an average 97th percentile on the ACT exam.  Perhaps they have some experience on the subject. 

Rainbow provides a vast collection of products for preschoolers through high school students.  The catalogue reports that they supply over 40,000 products!  There is much more than curriculum offered from this company!  Just about anything you can dream of teaching can be found in this resource available to purchase.

One year I was considering switching our oldest son from one math program to another and needed to speak to someone regarding the differences in curriculum and what would work best for our family.  Rainbow provides over-the-phone advice and from what I gathered, they really know their stuff!  The recommendations were excellent!

I don't work for Rainbow, and don't receive any compensation for this blog post.  I just think they're a well-run, reputable company. If you're in the early stages of homeschooling or just enjoy reading about curriculum, I'd highly recommend their website and catalogue.

So, if you see me out and about or at the pool, I may just be carrying around my NEW 2011-2012 catalogue.  It just arrived yesterday!  Remember the Sears Wish Book?  That's how I feel about my Rainbow Catalogue.  If you'd like to request a catalog visit their website.

Inspiration abounds!

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Rachel said...

Our 11/12 Rainbow catalog just arrived this week. Love it!