Monday, June 13, 2011

My heart melts

As mentioned in an earlier post, our middle son broke his right collarbone about a week ago.  This little guy LOVES baseball.  He memorizes statistics, he examines standings, he knows the Little League line-ups.  He thinks baseball just about all the time.

This injury has been tough on him, but he's doing very well considering.  He missed out on playing in the Tournament of Champions this past weekend, but was still able to suit-up and sit in the dugout and cheer on his team.  He's been such a champion of character!

A couple days ago we celebrated his birthday as a family.  He wanted to go see a movie.  Throughout our kids' lives, while driving, I've routinely reached back and grabbed one of their hands to hold it.  It started with our oldest as he liked to have me rub his hand and he'd fall asleep and it's continued through the kids.  On the way to the movie theater, I reached back to grab our middle son's hand.  I touched leather.  What?  I felt where his hand should have been and felt a baseball glove.  My sweetness!  He was sitting in the back seat, right arm in a sling, wearing his baseball glove on his left hand.  I know he misses wearing the glove, throwing and catching the ball.  He melted my heart at that moment.  What a precious!

I know he's counting down the days to being able to throw comfortably again and play catch with his dad and brother.  Fortunately, this bone heals quickly.

Memorial Day Tournament

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