Monday, February 05, 2007

So Tired!!

Have you ever been SO tired you could just collapse wherever you are and sleep? Our little princess works so hard every day that sometimes there's just not enough steam left to make it to bed. We found her asleep on the stairs like this twice. One time she was halfway up the stairs laying on "one" stair. If she would have rolled she would have gone down. So cute!

I Truly Couldn't Ask For More

Today was one of those days where I really saw the true character of one of my children. I was blessed!

The kids and I were driving down the road to our our oldest son's soccer game. Before we had left I had given the kids a little bite to eat in the car to hold them over until we got home. About a mile from the house our middle son began choking. I quickly pulled the car over and the oldest met me with the side door open giving me quick access to our middle boy. I could see big brother's eyes welling up with tears and his concern for his brother was evident.

In the following seconds and minutes I assessed our middle son. He was breathing, but very upset thinking something was stuck in his throat. While I was working with our middle son, the oldest walked about 20 feet from the car and began pacing. His palms were together and up at his face. He looked like he was praying.

Soon thereafter, our middle son had calmed down and felt like whatever was bothering him was gone. I told him he should go to his big brother and let him know everything was fine.

They both came back to the car relieved the episode was over. I looked at my oldest and asked what he was doing. He humbly said, "Praying."

It is said that our true character is revealed when we're in a challenging situation. He could have screamed or panicked. Instead he quickly and quietly took the situation to the God- The Great Physician and simply asked for help. And God heard his plea. AMAZING!!! and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Later when we were talking he shared that he couldn't even help it. He just had to pray. Isn't the prompting of the Spirit wonderful? And I thank God he listened.

Our oldest is taking a class at our co-op called "Prayer Warriors." I will continue to pray our children grow into amazing Warriors for the cause of Christ.