Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On A Mission

This week my kid's Daddy left for a mission trip to the Gulf Coast. He phoned last night to tell us about his first full day. They went to the home of an couple who are living in a FEMA trailer. They have a shed that needs the roof put on.

I'm not completely sure how this couple got on the list for help, but when the group showed up they were shocked by the number of people who came to help. The older man spoke to the person in charge and said, "I can't possibly pay this many people to help me." The person then responded that it was all taken care of and there was no need to pay. My sweetheart said the man then stood there and sobbed.

When my hub, told me the story I couldn't help but cry my eyes out too. He then said that so many people or organizations have told this couple that they'd be there and then never show. And what impressed them is that this mission group said they'd be there, showed up on time, and are eager to work.

Today they're going to finish the roof on the shed and then move on to other projects. We'll see how God uses this group in the upcoming days.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A Great Good Morning

I awoke to cathedral bells chiming at 7:00 am. No we're not vacationing in some European village. The bells were from Oldest son's alarm clock. Last night he set his alarm so he could awake early and give me a special surprise.

After the bells chimed, he came in my room and instructed me to stay in bed. He had BIG plans.

About a 1/2 hour later he reappeared dressed in a striped button shirt and one of Dad's floral, early 90's, ties carrying a tray with breakfast and a latte. SO CUTE!! What a sweet thing to do for mom!

He's been blessing me so greatly lately. The other night he cleaned the whole kitchen by himself. He washed dishes by hand, dried them, and put them all away. He kept saying, "Mom, you have a really hard job. Just when I think I'm done, I turn around and there's more!"

I'm feeling pretty appreciated today!