Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Covered By Prayer

In the last 24 hours a lot has happened.  Thankfully there are the faithful prayer warriors out there doing what they do and I'm witnessing the results of their intercession.

Yesterday, I met with the director of the homeschool program our kids were planning on attending.  After our brief meeting, I sensed some misgivings about attending.  First off, driving to the location required a commute on toll road that often has traffic delays.  Second, I sensed an air of conflict with the director. Third, it was a new program lacking years of experience.

The first day of this school was supposed to be today, but I was really hesitating being part of this group.  Stress began to set in.  What to do with little or no time to make changes?

After our meeting yesterday, I came back to the hotel and frantically researched other groups.  Much to my surprise, I found a group located one mile closer with reasonable travel time, five years of experience, and a seasoned staff.

I quickly sent an email to the director and arranged for our kids to switch groups. Last night we set up a meeting for today to discuss the program.

This morning, when planning to take my hub to the train station we discovered our vehicle had a flat tire.  We would not have been able to make the drive to group #1 if we wanted to.  I sensed one way or another we weren't supposed to be there.

After getting the tire repaired we had a meeting with the director from group #2. We planned to meet at Starbuck's.  When the kids and I walked in there was a group of three very hip looking guys having a meeting next to where we were seated.  One had a t-shirt on with a Bible verse on the back.  I took note of them.

About 10 minutes after we arrived at SBUX, I felt a creepy feeling of someone staring.  I glanced up and there was a man staring my way.  I immediately felt uncomfortable so I looked down.

A few minutes after that, one of the three men sitting next to us came up to the table and said, "This might sound strange, but did you know that man staring at you?"

I had no idea who it was and had dismissed it.

The hip guy then said, "We've been watching him watch you.  He was taking photographs of you with his phone then stood over there staring.  When we confronted his stares he dropped his glance and within 15 seconds or so left the building.  We just want to make sure your safe."

I thanked them.

A few seconds later, I leaned over and asked if they were Christians.

They then told me they were all pastors.

I really sense God's protective covering placing those three pastors around us.

Perhaps this was all nothing, or perhaps it was something.  We don't know, but we do know whatever it was God's people were at the Starbuck's this morning armored up just in case.


OSUZIEQ1 said...

You have angels all around you, Kim. I'm glad you got to meet 3 of them in person.

OSUZIEQ1 said...

You have angels all around you, Kim. Today you met 3 of them.

DeAnna said...

Yikes Kim! Praise Jesus his army was there to the rescue! How creepy! Glad you were covered!

Deni said...

That is a BIG deal - and you and the family are surrounded, supported and safe! (the is a sermon in there somewhere!)

Deni said...

6That is a BIG deal! You and your family are surrounded, supported and safe! (there is a sermon in there somewhere!).

Anonymous said...

God is so faithful!!!! Thank you Jesus!!