Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freckles...Seeing the World

Since our move is quickly approaching I've decided there are many places in our county and state that we've overlooked or ignored because we've taken them for granted. The kids and I have decided to begin taking in some of the sites of our area before we leave and regret not enjoying it more.

Today was day one in our journey. We've hired "Freckles" to lead the charge and today he showed us some amazing things.
Freckles getting a drink
First we went to the little town post office. We frequent this post office, but it was a first for Freckles so we had to record it.

We then went to a little cafe that has been open for 7 months along a quiet highway. We had a good time getting to know Richard, the owner, who is originally from Cleveland.
Freckles with Bakery Guy- Richard
Freckles enjoying a soda and a pastry with the kids
We then went to a quiet, small, county library. So cute and quaint.

Then off to a hidden, frozen lake.
At an unfrequented park
Ice sliding
Freckles at the State Park
Mt. Baker
Love these old barns
And then home to the familiar.

It was an extraordinary afternoon.

We're looking forward to our next adventure!