Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Many people throw around the "BFF", "Best Friends", and "Love" words like its no big deal.  To me these are SERIOUS words.  I rarely use them because to me they carry so much weight and commitment they are not to be wasted or thrown around haphazardly. 

It is my observation that we all want a best friend.  Someone to call our own and know that that person(s) has your back no matter what. 

I recently did a non-scientific survey.  I polled Facebook "friends" asking how many weddings they have participated in in their lifetime.  By participate I'm referring to being in the wedding party to some capacity.  I was amazed to know some of my acquaintances have been in 7-8 or more wedding parties.  To be quite honest, I've measured likability or depth of friendships to weddings one has been a part of.  I've only been asked to be in one wedding.  Because of this (and I know some of you are going to roll your eyes), I've really questioned the depth of my friendships.  There is NO question that I know a lot of people, but I desire the super-close, be-in-my-wedding-party kind of friendship.

I think we all desire to have this type of relationship with friends.  I've had best friends while growing up and realize some have come and gone and some will stick with you through a lifetime.

This past weekend I attended my 25-year high school reunion and I can definitely say some of these friends are besties for life!  After all these years we pick up where we left off, non-stop conversation, uproarious laughter, and uncontrollable tears.  I watched hilarious scenes of best friends hanging out, making jokes, talking about tough times and praying for each other.  I watched our classmates band together in prayer for a fellow classmate struggling with an unknown illness.  I watched friends cry over years lost with former best friends over some unmentioned dispute.  I sat up until the wee hours of the night (and those who know me know that I am NOT a middle of the night girlie) talking with my high school best friend just because we didn't want to waste any time sleeping because we knew our time together was so limited.

I so loved my reunion weekend!!  I know I have some of the best once-in-a-lifetime friends a girlie could ask for!!  Thank you my beautiful, committed, lifelong friends for being such a blessing in my life!!