Thursday, June 09, 2011

What We Can Learn From The Children- Reflection

This has been a very emotional week following the fracture our our son's clavicle.  We realize it's a commonly broken bone and are grateful it heals quickly, but the reality that life can change so quickly has been a bit sobering.  In an instant our plans for him for the next two months have drastically changed. 

Although he's looking at not being able to play with his team in the Tournament of Champions or compete in a sand soccer tournament or do a sports camp, he's all smiles.  How can that be?  He's full of joy in this situation.

Why is it possible?  I think it's possible because he has his priorities straight.  I can guarantee you my hub and I have only been thinking of what he's going to miss this summer.  But our son, in his great 9-year old wisdom has a healthy perspective. 

At dinner the other night he commented, "I've been thinking of why this happened.  I've realized I was too busy with sports and activities and wasn't making time to reflect on God.  I need some time for reflecting, and because of the injury I will now have it.  Maybe this is why this happened now."

Wow!!  He knocks my socks off!  He needs time to reflect on God.  We all do.  I'm so humbled and blessed to know our son knows he needs it.

May we all have time to reflect today.  I'm going to reflect on God's amazing Goodness in our lives. 

I'm going to reflect on my dad and our relationship/friendship.  Today's his birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!!! 

I'm going to reflect on my little 9-year old and his last day as being a single digit kid.  Tomorrow he turns double digits (10).  This is a BIG deal!

I'm going to reflect on the lessons learned along the road of life.  And hug on this little guy a lot!

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