Tuesday, May 17, 2011

National Cherry Cobbler Day- May 17th

Today is a day to celebrate National Cherry Cobbler Day.  It's a cloudy rainy day in Southern California so what a perfect day to bake.  We will be heading to the store to purchase our ingredients to make our own homemade Cherry Cobbler. 

I've found just about every day is some sort of national holiday.  Check out punchbowl.com or about.com under their homeschooling section for a list of holidays to remember.  Who knew that chocolate chips had their own national holiday?  Or that turles had a special day set aside just for them.  Or, did you know yesterday was "Love a Tree Day?"  About.com has many ideas on how you can learn about the specific day.

It's always great to wake up and have a reason to celebrate another day of life!  Enjoy!!

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