Thursday, May 19, 2011

French Toast Night

Time to wander in stores is a rarity in this homeschool mom's life, but a necessary errand to the Apple Store to check on the iPad our son ordered put us in close vicinity to the local Crate and Barrel.  Crate and Barrel...dreamy!  Since the kids were with me, we took this opportunity to check out the latest in kitchen gadgets and decor.  It was as informative as a kitchen focused field trip.  Since we do a lot of cooking in our homeschool routine they were just about as excited as I was.  There were so many wonderful finds at reasonable prices. 

One gadget we came home with was a Powdered Sugar Spoon.  At our house, powdered sugar is a must on French Toast and I find it such a hassle to have to take out the large sifter for such a small task.  The best sifter we have is an antique, and I try not to use it because the paint continues to chip off.  I'd like to preserve that treasure.  The new sifter we picked up at Target is a piece of junk, if I say so myself.  It doesn't work well.  The sifting apparatus jams regularly and it causes more frustration that it is worth.  Often we just use a very large strainer type sifter for making frosting, but for our French Toast, this little spoon looked very appealing.

The Powdered Sugar Spoon
After buying a number of small items like this we decided to put our little spoon to work.  I told the kids they could have French Toast for dinner.  They were so excited!  Here's our method of making French Toast.

French Toast

Gather ingredients. 

3 eggs
1/4 cup milk
egg bread or other hearty white bread (about 6-8 slices)
cinnamon and sugar mixture
pie plate for mixing

I keep cinnamon and sugar mixture in shaker for everyday use
Crack eggs in pie plate.  Add 1/4 cup of milk.

Beat eggs and milk with fork
Soak a piece of bread in egg mixture, just to coat each side. Don't over soak as bread is like a sponge and will be soggy if over soaked.

Place coated bread on griddle.  Sprinkle each piece of bread with cinnamon and sugar.

We have a non-stick griddle.  If using a pan, a little butter in the bottom of the pan makes the bread so tasty!

Cook for a minute or so until golden brown.  Flip over and let other side cook.

Place cooked French Toast on plate, butter, and then sprinkle with powdered sugar.  If using a little Powdered Sugar Spoon like we bought, it helps if you just put a little on the spoon so it doesn't fall from the sides.  Our daughter informed me she likes the big lumps of powdered sugar.  Of course she does!


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