Monday, May 30, 2011

Today in History: The Lincoln Memorial Dedication May 30, 1922

Not only is today Memorial Day, but it marks the anniversary of the day the Lincoln Memorial was dedicated. 

President Warren G. Harding dedicated the memorial which took eight years to complete.

This past year we had the opportunity to visit the Lincoln Memorial for the first time.  As the kids and I walked up to the steps we paused.  Slowly we began to proceed up the many stairs.  As I walked, my eyes began to well up with tears and they spilled out over my cheeks.  The kids stopped, looked at me quizzically, and asked, "What's wrong, Mom?"  Words could not describe the enormity of what I felt at that moment.  President Lincoln was a brave and courageous man.  A man who helped heal and bring unity to a broken nation.  On the steps of that Memorial, many have also stood reflecting on Freedom, Integrity, and Virtue.  I will never forget that visit.  It is marked in my mind and on my heart.

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