Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

This is my mom...after I was born

I'd like to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my MOM! 

Mom, thanks for having me.

Thanks for staying home to raise us kids.

Thanks for showing us how to stretch a dollar to make ends meet.

Thanks for being there everyday for us after school so we could tell you about our day.  Except for that one day in high school when I couldn't find you.  If I only have to remember one day you weren't home, that's amazing!

Thanks for making us eat the whole apple core and all.  We learned to never waste, and I'm sure there's some healthy benefit to it.

Thanks for teaching us to try new things.  Because of your adventuresome culinary expeditions we live outside the box and are able to share cooking and food with others of all cultures.

Thanks for raising us on healthy food.  I'm glad junk food was the exception instead of the rule.  I'm glad to have had a mom who tried to give us co-op, farm-raised, home made food before it was even cool.

Thanks for making hot breakfasts for us everyday and for making me large stacks of pancakes cut in perfect bite-size squares every time.

Thanks for tucking us in every night and saying prayers with us, even into adulthood.  And for coming and covering me with blankets every time I called.  I know I was lame, maybe even lazy, but I remember and it mattered.

Thanks for being there for us through sickness in and health.  Thanks for rubbing my stomach every time I was sick and for taking me to the ER at all hours of the night for ear infections.  Thanks for never making us suffer through sickness.  You always made EVERY effort to get us the speediest healing.

Thanks for rubbing my feet and legs when they ached so bad from working and standing all day long.

Thanks for driving alongside me when I'd go running at night.  It made me feel safe.

Thanks for encouraging us to get an education and placing a value on reading.

Thanks for reassuring me in life's difficult times.

Thanks for giving wise advise during hard decision-making times.

Thanks for being there to give me injections through the IVF process.  Thanks for shouting, "Help me, Jesus" when you first stuck the needle in and then pulled it out before emptying the syringe.  I knew you were relying on Jesus to give you the strength to poke your kid when common sense told you it was going to hurt me.

Thanks for cancelling and/or dropping everything when I called in need.  I'm grateful I can rely on you.

Thanks for being there for me in the delivery room with our three kids.  What an ordeal, but a dream come true.

Thanks for introducing us to Sam.  He was the best!

Thanks for being there for me many times to organize, clean, move, garden, harvest, can, etc.

Thanks for dancing with our kids to Marc Anthony and others.

Thanks for teaching us about God and how we're part of His plan. Jeremiah 29:11

And mostly, thanks for praying for me.  I know the life I'm blessed with is answered prayer.

I love you!

Ladybug Gommer

Gommer with Kids

Zebra Gommer

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Cris said...

The little I know of her is wonderful & she is so beautiful! Your words just told me how truly Proverbs 31 she is!