Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Clean Out and The Bungle

Yesterday's clean out was quite productive.  I moved out over 55 pieces of clothing. 

The Piles
My girlie was by my side to say things like, "That's old.  That's not good.  That looks too boyish.  That looks like a Grandma.  WHAT IS THAT? (referring to my vintage 80's slip collection)."  But the most priceless comment came from cleaning out my sock drawer.  I was digging around for old, tired socks, not paying attention to other items that may be "hidden" in the drawer when she pulls out a little baggie.  It had her name on it and a baby tooth inside.  She then exclaims, "This baggie has MY NAME on it!  AND...There's a TOOTH INSIDE!!  IS THAT MY TOOTH?"  The volume of her voice was reaching a crescendo.  "WHY DO YOU HAVE MY TOOTH IN A BAGGIE IN YOUR DRAWER?" 

"Uh, um..., I was hoping to make a couple extra bucks," was all I could come up with.  I know I've posted about the whole Tooth Fairy thing.  As a parent, we each get to choose how we want to handle this one.  We do the Tooth Fairy thing.

She was appalled that I would even consider swiping her tooth just to make a couple extra bucks.  She then gave me the "How could you!" look accompanied with the, "I'm in the money$$" look, and walked off with the bagging letting me know she was going to place it under the pillow.

She then proceeded to tell the boys and my dear husband how wrong I was to partake in such underhanded schemes.  "Ugh!  Mom!"

I was caught red-handed.  What to do? 

Carry on, business as usual I guess.

She placed the tooth under her pillow again last night.

This morning she walked down the stairs swinging the baggie commenting, "She didn't come." 

I then looked over at my husband.  He had fallen down on the job last night, obviously.  His look to me was, "What?"

I know I'm so wrong, but I said to her, "Well honey, since you didn't actually lose that tooth last night, you're on the back-logged file.  She has to get fresh teeth first.  Don't worry, she'll come."

On the way to the gym this morning my hub and I were having a conversation about the whole tooth thing.  He then says, "Why do I have to double-pay?  I already paid.  I don't want to double-pay." 

He will double pay.  It's the right thing to do.  Or maybe I will double pay.  One way or another someone will be paying.  Good thing I didn't let her clean out my underwear drawer.

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