Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dental Dream Paste for Sensitive Teeth

I'm the worst dental patient on the planet...maybe.  I LOVE having clean, healthy teeth, but I have extreme dental anxiety and very sensitive teeth.

The anxiety can probably be traced back the days when dentists didn't pamper and coddle their young patients.  I can remember riding in the car with my mom not knowing where we were going.  We'd drive down the freeway toward downtown.  She'd begin singing, "Henry the 8th," by Herman's Hermits and I knew where we were headed.  I'd begin crying trying to sing-a-long knowing we were on our way to the dreaded dentist.  Dang!  I still remember that so vividly.

These days kids are given the royal treatment at the dentist.  I love that for our kids!  When they first started going to the dentist, I'd have to hold back the tears while watching them hoping they'd have a better experience than I had.  We've been blessed by extraordinary dentists.  They've been so kind and loving.  Our kids actually try to give me hints so I'll schedule check-ups for them, they're so excited to go.

Me, on the other hand, not so much.  Today I just had a cleaning.  I don't get as anxious for cleanings, but the oversensitivity my teeth have makes even routine visits potentially painful.  Until today, that is.  Apparently, sensitivity is a big problem for dental patients.  The hygienist asked if I'd like a newer product that helps with the sensitivity for a mere $5.  Of course I would!  She began polishing my teeth with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Desensitizing Paste.  It has INSTANT sensitivity relief!!  This product is well worth the $5!

So, if you have sensitive teeth and have an upcoming visit, ask your hygienist or dentist for this product.  I was told it's only available at the dentist office.  Good news is, the sensitivity relief lasts for a couple weeks.  Wow!

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