Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sometimes Moms Do Wacky Things

Sometimes, as parents, our actions can leave our kids puzzled and confused.  I really try not to be wacky mom, but some days I know I leave our kids saying, "Huh, what did she just do (or say)?"

Here's the latest story:

Our kids have become quite fond of boba (bubble tea) drinks.  We even have "Boba" songs to express our boba love.  While I usually order a Thai Tea Boba , a Coconut Milk Boba, or even an Avocado Boba Smoothie my preciouses love the fruit smoothie boba drinks.

Recently, I promised them, "If you score a goal at soccer, we'll celebrate with a boba drink."  Scoring a goal is GREAT and celebrating with a boba is even better!

If you're not familiar with boba it's  LARGE tapioca pearl that is placed in the drink. The drink is consumed through a large straw so the boba can easily travel in the liquid.

an image of boba tea found online

Our middle son scored a goal last weekend so during the week following one of his practices I thought it would be a great time for his boba drink treat.

BOBA...B-O-B-A....BOBA.... Can't you just hear the Kinks singing this tune?

On the way to the Vietnamese boba store, I was feeling very generous (and hungry) so I thought we'd continue our celebration at the neighboring Vietnamese restaurant. 

We walked in and I noticed the "Cash Only" sign.

Bummer!  I rarely have cash, and almost never have enough to feed 4-5 people, so our dinner would have to wait a minute while I went to the Vietnamese grocery, bought something, got some cash back and then we could continue our dinner plan.

While I was trying to make a decision what to buy, one of our kids began interjecting, "But I don't want Vietnamese soup tonight."

This child generally likes Pho.

The  complaining continued.

I tried to block it out.


What was I looking for?

While I was continuing to look for something to buy, my tired, hungry child continued to remind me of the distaste for Vietnamese food, the other two began goofing around.  One was squeezing the neck and shoulder of the other one creating a commotion.

I was still looking for something to buy.  My tired brain was on overload and I couldn't make a decision.

I was losing my patience with my precious ones.

Then the soccer playing, goal scoring precious stood next to me to help me look for something to buy. Note:  He just came from practice and was still wearing soccer clothing and CLEATS!  I was wearing flip flops.  He is notorious for stepping on my toes with cleats.

While he was looking with me, the other two then begin carrying on, maybe they weren't, but it felt like it.

Then, before I could do anything, soccer boy stepped back digging the cleats into my toes.  I yelped! There was an indentation in my toe.

Immediately, I did an about face and said "Okay, we're heading home!  No dinner out, no boba.  I'll just make something at home."

I don't want to be a mom who promises and doesn't follow through, so since I promised the boba drink for the soccer goal, I'd still get the treat.  But in hind site, maybe I should have waited.

I bought one boba and we headed home.  It was a very quiet ride home.  Two of our three kids had deer-in-the-headlights looks on their faces.  It was one of the, "Huh, what did she just do?" moments.

Okay...there's the wacky mom thing and this afternoon one of my sweethearts and I talked about it and luckily we were able to laugh about it today.  They all grant me so much grace!

On the way to today's soccer game, the sequence of events was replayed in our conversation.  This sweetheart, who didn't get a boba drink the other night said, "Mom, I don't get it.  I didn't step on your feet, but I didn't get a boba.  My brother hurt you and got a boba.  This doesn't make much sense."


One kid stepped on my toe.  Because of this event and the events that led up to it, I changed my mind about dinner and boba treats, but toe crusher got a boba.  My thinking at the time was that he got it for the goal, which he did, but the other kids were bewildered as to why he got the drink.  He had just crushed his momma's toe.

Sometimes my actions don't seem to make any sense to our kids even if I think they seem logical to me. As  a parent, I need to keep these things in mind when parenting and reacting in situations.

I'm a big fan of talking with my kids and hearing their heart.  I learn so much from them about being a better mom and person in general.

Thanks to my preciouses for their patience as we go through this thing called life together.

I love you!

On a good note, today there was another goal scored and we ALL went out for Boba!

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