Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Man Craft

Pumpkin Friends

My girlie LOVES to do crafts!  She found a pumpkin man project she wanted to try to tackle this fall.  Let me tell you...this was a long time-consuming project!  I will show you the photo steps necessary to complete this little cutie, but I have to warn you if you try IS a LABOR of love!

Supplies:  These foam balls were a fraction of the cost of Styrofoam.  All supplies can be found at Michael's.

Placing clay around foam ball.  

It's best to slightly wet fingers to spread clay around in thin layer.

Gently press clay around the ball.

This is what the ball should look like when covered.  A dab of water smooths it out nicely.

Champion crafter

Now to make pumpkin creases

This is the end of a paintbrush.

Looking very pumpkin-y!

Add the toothpick arms. Apply glue to the toothpick before inserting.

Add the little hands.

Drilling holes for the legs.  Do not glue legs in yet.

The Workers

Hmmm....What next?

Everyone quietly working away...Pure concentration!

Stand painted.  Legs glued into block.

Now, form clay feet.  Oh great!  Blocks need to be repainted!

Hats in place...hopefully!

Four little pumpkin heads



The friends!  One little pumpkin had a tragic accident...kind of like Humpty Dumpty.

Project Complete!  Yay!  Happy Halloween!

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