Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Kids' Teacher Takes Mental Health Day

Yesterday, I took a mental health day.  Perhaps, I'd call it an in-service day because I was still working.  Or as another friend suggested I merely took a day studying and experiencing how other homeschoolers, namely unschoolers, study and go about their day.  Unschooling is so not me, but it was great for a day!

In the days and weeks leading up to yesterday, I could feel the overwhelming anxiety rising.  I was falling farther and farther behind in my housework.  We were down to milk, pickles, grapefruit and some gluten-free mix my mom left from her last visit in the refrigerator.  I seriously needed to go grocery shopping, do some meal planning, clean house, pay bills and just do some over-all "catch up." 

I know there are many people who think stay-a-home moms have it made.  I've heard comments leading toward a sense that we sit at home all day watch television and eat bon bons.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  Like any mom who works outside the home, I wake early before the kids rise, have a little quiet time with a cup of coffee, get ready, start a load of laundry, make breakfast, do a couple quick clean up tasks and by 8:00 we're ready to begin our school day.

The kids and I then read, study, and work on projects until noon when I prepare lunch.  After lunch, it's quick clean up and then onto afternoon studies.  When they've completed their work, they go out and play while I try to get a few more things done around the house.  I may try to do a little ebay listing to keep my "store" replenished.  The kids are great helpers with chores, but they do need to play.  They're kids for heaven's sake!  I wish I could say I wasn't such a school task-master with school work, but I do have a middle schooler and I've found the work load is a bit more demanding.

After a short time, it's off to sports, Crossfit, or whatever else is planned on the schedule.  Lately, in addition to busy weekdays, our weekends have been packed.  I haven't had the down time to even do the thorough cleaning I love to do or time to cook and bake, both of which are GREAT stress relievers for me! 

When I feel "behind" my spirit gets anxious.  My sleep patterns begin to shorten.  I become more and more stressed.  Joy begins to dwindle.  In the mornings, by 9:00 I start getting a panicked feeling knowing the day is slipping by, I have so much to do and so little time to do it!  By this week, I was feeling like the woman in this comic.

I think she might possibly be a homeschool mom.  I can honestly say, carving out a little "mom time" is crucial for survival when you're with your kids nearly 24/7.  Finding a personal interest/passion, outside of kid stuff, is one of my greatest stress relievers.  This is why I workout, and try to find time to create yummy food in the kitchen.  They both calm me.

Another thing that has a calms my heart is an organized home.  Not all rooms have to be perfect, just picked up.  It is very important to me that the master bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/family room are free of clutter.  If I can escape to our room at night and it's looking good, I can take a big sigh of relief and know I'm in a good place.  The family room is also our homeschool area, so no matter how clean it is, it will still be filled with books, Legos, colored pencils, etc.

What it's all about.

Did a little reorganization of the family room wall.  Added the antlers from my Grandpa's hunting days.  These are OLD! 


What I try to go to sleep remembering every night.  Sometimes, I need additional reminders.

Delphiniums and candles...dreamy!

With the rain pelting down yesterday, I decided it was a perfect day to invest in my mental clarity preserving the joy I so love.  I caught up on laundry, cleaned, cooked, baked and we all got desperately needed haircuts (It had been 5 months since I'd had a haircut!)  While I was on the cleaning spree, the kids played games, cleaned, did a little independent study, and enjoyed the day!

At the end of the day, we learned all sports were cancelled due to rain.  My sweetheart called and asked if we would want to meet at Disneyland.  YES!  Disneyland closes at 8:00pm right now, so by the time we got there we only had just over 2 hours to enjoy.  Luckily, because of the rain, we were one of the few people there.  There was NO wait at the rides.  We were able to do Space Mountain (Halloween edition and my FIRST time since living here), the boys did Star Tours, the rocket ride in Tomorrowland, my girlie and I did Matterhorn, two times on Splash Mountain (another first for me since living here), Thunder Mountain Railroad, Haunted Mansion (Halloween edition), and the boys did Indiana Jones.  Whew!  Seven rides in two hours, no waiting.  AWESOME!

Masked Mickey!  He's Spooktacular!

A wet Main Street

Love the fall decor!

Bummer it's a little blurry:(

He's almost as tall as his momma!


Rainy day!  Boot Day!

The lights in Frontierland

Love this!

What a fabulous day!  We finished off the day with ice cream and headed home.

What awaited us at home was not part of my perfect day, but somehow we'll get him out!

He better get out of here...or it's 'Possum Stew!  YUCK!

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This made my day. You have found a way to maintain balance in your life.