Sunday, September 04, 2011

Summer Staycation San Juan Capistrano Pt. 3

After visiting the Historic Los Rios District, we walked across the tracks toward the Mission.  The kids were very hot and tired of walking.

Mom, please.  No more walking.  We need shade.
In the distance we saw a church.  I don't think the word church can adequately describe what we saw.  It was the Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano.  It was founded by Spanish Catholics on November 1, 1776.  The original building was destroyed in the earthquake of 1812.

We didn't have the opportunity to tour the mission, but did escape the heat and take a moment to pray in the cathedral.

The new construction was completed in 1986.

Upon leaving the mission we had to decide where to go next.  My parents had to figure out how to work the camera.

What do you see?

Did it work?

Are you sure?
While they figured the complex technology out, I took random pics of the kids.  Can't get enough!

The Mission
Our next stop was Starbuck's.  Our next stop is always Starbuck's.  I continued to drive my family bonkers with picture taking.   Some days I almost feel sorry for them.

This is called, "Isn't there just one more drip left in the cup?"

This is called, "This is what I do when you continue to take annoying photos of me."

This is called, "Just ignore the lady with the camera."

This is called, "I love this guy."

This is called, "Oh no, the kids have the camera."

And they still have it. 
That's about the end of our staycation in San Juan Capistrano.  We had a great time, but clearly there's a lot more to see.  Maybe another trip to the mission is in our future.

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