Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anything to Get My Mind Off the Appointment- An Appointment with My Personal Hairdresser

I'm extremely distractible today as I await my appointment for the root canal.  The kids are working on their school work.  I'm escaping to blog.

My girlie loves to style my hair ALL the time!  With my upcoming dental appointment she's decided she would get me ready.  She braided all my hair last night and I must say my sweet hub most certainly loves falling asleep beside his bride with 9 braids in her hair.  This is a patient man who sees beyond the outward appearance.  He's married to a goofy girl.

So, throwing aside all sense of personal style and pride, I'm going to share a glimpse of what this momma looks like while inside the confines of our home.  I may regret this post, but for the moment, our personal craziness makes me smile.

The REAL Momma!


She just said she should have done my make-up too.  Maybe next time.

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