Thursday, September 15, 2011

Accomplishments- I am Momma Crossfit!

Deadlift- my current P.R. is 215 lb.  I will do more!


I've birthed three children.

I think, if you've given birth, you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to.  If a workout gets unbearably tough, I remind myself, "I've given birth!"  Believe it or not, those three-plus words get me through just about everything.  I can withstand a great deal of strain and/or pain for a short period of time.  Perhaps that's why I find a connection and correlation between Giving Birth and CrossFit workouts.

There are days when my knees hurt, especially when going down stairs.  I ice almost every night and stretch out as often as I can.  I often have big bruises and wonder where they came from.  I've had blisters rip open on the palms of my hands.  I've watched friends collapse on the floor after a workout.  Yet, we still go back for more.  Are we crazy, committed, or is the feeling of accomplishment so rewarding we're willing to endure great pain to experience it?

In this past year I've done things I've never thought possible.

One year ago, I didn't know what a burpee was.  I was told to do a plank and step one foot up under my chest at a time.  Now I can hit the ground, jump my feet up together, leap to the sky and clap.  Burpee!  (But I may not show so much enthusiasm).

There I am doing a burpee in the plank position

One year ago, I didn't know what kipping was.  I still haven't figured kipping out, but I know it.  I've watched it.  I'm taking mental notes.  One day...I will master it and unassisted pull-ups will be added to the list of accomplishments.

One year ago, I stood intimidated in front of a big, black, wooden box.  I could step up on the box, but I never thought I could leap onto the box.  I can now do box jumps!  In fact, last week I did 50 at a time!  I've birthed three children...I can conquer the box jump!

One year ago, I looked up at a rope hanging from the ceiling.  I saw athletes shimmying up the rope with ease.  Never in a million years did I think I could climb a rope.  I CAN now climb the rope while holding on for dear life!  I climb up and down with my eyes closed because it takes too much energy to hold my eyelids open.  It completely exhausts me.  My hair is usually soaked with sweat afterwards, but it's done!

This week, another big accomplishment.  Normally, I'm a jogger.  Physical therapists tell me I am not designed to be a runner, but I really, really want to be a runner.  They tell me I'm "wide-hipped."  Isn't that the meanest thing a man can say to a woman?  Sucks to be called wide-hipped!  Those are some mean words!  Anyway, sassy thing that I am, I still run, even if I'm W.H.!  Well, my W.H.ness participated in a workout the other day where we had to do 4 minutes of brutal tabata squats.  It's basically squats and wall sits combined for 4 minutes.  My quads felt like jello.  At the end of the four minutes, we had to immediately run out the door for a timed 1-mile run.  Guess what?  Wide-hipped birthing momma did her best mile yet!  I did it in 7:47!  Yay!

So, the moral of the story is...Old Dogs can learn new tricks and Wide-Hipped Mommas can still run!

Thanks so much for the encouragement CrossFit Buddies!  You guys make me believe I can do more than I've ever dreamed!

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