Monday, May 07, 2012

Downtown Disney Lego Store Now Open!

We have a Lego boy in our home who's been obsessed with the Danish interlocking building blocks since he was a wee little lad.  I love watching the wheels spin as he spends countless hours building and creating.  He doesn't seem to tire of it and hearing the Lego employees refer to the "Master Builders" I can sense he'd love to be a "Master Builder."

Living fairly close to a Lego Store, is a highlight in his life.  We frequent it when we head to Downtown Disney so he can purchase mini-figures or look at the latest Lego releases.  He has informed me his one Birthday wish is to be able to go into the Lego store, make his purchase and walk out with a BIG bag!  I think to a Lego boy, that is a sign he has "arrived."

Downtown Disney's Lego Store, along with much of Disney, has been under construction.  We stopped downtown today to visit a friend and were pleasantly surprised to find the NEW & IMPROVED store is now open!

I couldn't resist photographing the new displays and creations!

Beauty and The Beast

Oh Beast! petite

Lumiere and Cogsworth

Woody & Buzz

WOW!  Check it out!

My Big Boy with Candy

Captain America

We match!  Great minds! 
What posing!  Time to head into the store

My Lego boy really wants this Slug Bug Van

Love the Color! 

Every shape and size

A new upstairs building area

Working on the Duplos

Building makes happy kids!

Auntie and Grandma checking out the new Avenger Lego Collection

Love the little hands!

Working hard!

Oh My!

Aladdin and Jasmine

Lego Genie

Bye Buzz and Woody

All Mini-Figures
I'm sure we'll make another trip to Downtown Disney very soon.  A Birthday is quickly approaching!

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