Friday, May 25, 2012

It Could Be Worse...I Could Be A Tribute

Remember Job?  We're having a Job kind of week.  If you're not familiar with this book named after a faithful man of God, Protestantism Suite 101 describes it as, 

"The biblical book of Job that gives an account of Job's sufferings and his trust in God has great quotes about the immensity of God's love, power and greatness.

The story of Job's life in the Bible comes up as the best example of extreme sufferings. From the moment Satan tests Job to the time God restores Job's fortunes, many great quotes and sayings can be found that exemplify God's divine power.

Job's faith was amazing.  Despite losing everything, his dependance and faith in God was unshakable. I feel like many things are being lost, and our faith is still present, but I've been so down and/or stressed about it all.

Through these trials, my dependance on the things of life is surely being stripped away.  We're selling or giving away so many worldly possessions.  They just don't seem to matter when others have need, or there are bills to pay.

Last night, after a VERY stressful day, I was supposed to attend a Homeschool Convention.  I drove to the Convention Center and when the parking attendant told me it would be $10 to park for the two hours left in the day, I headed directly to the exit of the parking lot.  Ten dollars, for two hours and I was feeling so stressed I didn't know if I could even enjoy the seminar.  I couldn't even think straight to pay attention to the lectures.  I think I had a $10 meltdown.

Instead I headed back home, did some necessary grocery shopping at Costco (we're talking Old Mother Hubbard type of necessary shopping), and decided I would have a loner kind of night and go see a movie, compliments of Costco cheap tickets.

Hunger Games.

I know, if you're already depressed and disgusted with the greed and tragedy around you, Hunger Games is probably not the movie to go to, but I read the book and was curious about the movie.

While watching the movie, I was so surprised so many people took their kids to see this movie.  Not a good kid movie.  The premise is so disturbing.  I found the movie more disturbing than the book.  There was so much hype about the series, I decided to read it. Truth be told, it's so upsetting.  I've read that perhaps Suzanne Collins is making a correlation between our society and the world of the Hunger Games.  I'd love to read her thoughts.

As the story goes, the country is divided up into 12 districts (District 13 was supposedly obliterated).  Because of an uprising 75 years ago or so, every year each district has to "reap" one young male and one young female to participate in the annual Hunger Games.  These 24 young people, approximate age is probably 11-18, are required to fight to the death with one Victor surviving.  While they fight, the country watches the gruesome battles/deaths on television.  

Those who watch take great pleasure in the destruction and death of the tributes.  

Sick and wrong.

But it's the world we seem to be living in.  Delight in the demise of another sells papers, gathers headlines,  and fuels the greed, jealousy and envy of the individual.

Truly a heartbreaking situation we have here.

But then there's Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the story. She does what is right. She doesn't kill for the sake of benefit, but protects her fellow tributes.  She challenges the game makers and the outcome is unprecedented.  But, Katniss will pay a price.

After watching the show, I came home thinking, "At least I'm not a tribute, and there is no upcoming reaping."

I went to bed at about 11:30.

I woke up at 4:45, stressed about life.

What can I do about it?  I could get up and put more items on ebay trying to fix this mad situation.

But instead, I took the next 15 minutes and lay in bed singing, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus... sweetest name I know."  I just kept repeating those words.

As I sit here, I looked up the rest of the words to this old hymn.  Like a song sent directly from God, these words are music to my aching soul.

There's within my heart a melody
Jesus whispers sweet and low
Fear not, I am with thee, peace, be still
In all of life's ebb and flow

Though sometimes he leads through waters deep
Trials fall across the way
Though sometimes the path seems rough and steep
See his footprints all the way

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Sweetest name I know
Fills my every longing
Keeps me singing as I go

Feasting on the riches of his grace
Resting ‘neath the sheltering wing
Always looking on his smiling face
That is why I shout and sing


All my life was wrecked by sin and strife
Discord filled my heart with pain
Jesus swept across these broken strings
And stirred these chords again

As we walk through these deep waters, I hope to rest in His sheltering wing.  

If you're a praying type...we could use it.

I know God works everything out for His good.  My prayer is that I'd be faithful and steadfast like my friend Job.

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