Monday, May 07, 2012

Little League Day & Albert Pujols Hits His First Angels' Homer

Yesterday we celebrated Little League Day at Angels' Stadium and kicked off a fun-filled-action-packed family day.  We met with our fellow Orange County Little Leaguers in the Angel Stadium parking lot on the morning of May 6th.  There were thousands of anxious kids with coaches and team parents awaiting their turn to enter through the tunnels and step out onto Angel Field.

Some of our little Little Leaguers...

Heading into the tunnel...

And back out to the the field...

So Cool!

Walking on the Dirt.  The last time I was down here was last summer at the Dierks Bentley concert.

Peering into the Toronto Blue Jays dugout.  Perhaps one day these little baseball players will make the big leagues.  We can always hope.

The Angels Dugout!

The kids were so excited to know the Angels chew many different varieties of bubble gum.

Thinking about the upcoming game...or wondering when we were all going to clear the field.

 Look at that field!

Chris Iannetta #17 Catcher

Watching the game.  My sweetheart missed the game because he was called out of town for work.  While we were at the game he told me, "Hopefully Albert Pujols will hit a home run today."  Guess what??  ALBERT PUJOLS hit his first HOMER as an Anaheim Angel for the Little Leaguers!  What a highlight to a great game!!

Albert Pujols.  I texted some Cardinal fan friends letting them know right away about the home run. Glad he hit one today!

Pujols running home!  HOME RUN!

Congratulations Pujols!

What a great game!  Angels win 4-3!

After an early Angels game...we're off to Disneyland!

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