Friday, December 02, 2011

A Winner in the Family!

A few weeks ago, my girlie's soccer team mom mentioned AYSO Soccer was teaming up with Disney for a team spirit contest.  She asked if anyone on the team would be interested in writing a 100 word or less essay showcasing how our team demonstrated team spirit and sportsmanship.  Our girlie jumped at the opportunity and was so excited to write the essay.

The deadline for submission was November 18th.  The winner would be announced December 2nd.

This morning my girl came bouncing downstairs with her hands covering her face with excitement.  She said, "Mom, today's the BIG day!"

What big day?  December 2nd?  I had forgotten about the contest.

She hadn't.

She remembers everything!

I didn't want to tell her the odds of her winning was probably pretty slim.  I sure hope I'm not a pessimist, but really, what are the odds?

Tonight as I was waiting for her to finish gymnastics, I received this email.

Hello Kimberly! My name is __ from the AYSO National Office. Thanks so much for entering the AYSO/Disney-Pixar Cars 2 Team Sportsmanship Contest. We’re so excited to inform you that your wonderful submission has won you and team _____ (U-10) the Cars 2 Team Party! Congratulations! Please contact me on Monday so we can follow up with you on the details of your prize. Great job and again, congratulations!
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!   I'm so proud of our girlie!

She's optimistic!  She's full of HOPE!  She's a WINNER!

According to the submission form the winning team will receive:

Cars 2 themed dinner, plus each player will be presented with a "great sportsmanship" trophy and their own copy of the Cars 2 Blu-ray™ combo pack. 
Very exciting news at our house tonight!  Look like a celebration is in order.

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