Monday, May 28, 2012

A Happy Day to Remember

Today is my birthday.  It's my half-way mark to 90 and my half-way mark to 50.  It's also Memorial Day.

As a kid I hated that my birthday always fell on or around Memorial Day.  Friends left on weekend get-aways, camping trips or picnics making birthday parties difficult to plan.  I grew up thinking it was a pretty sad and lonely time to have a birthday.

Years have passed and my perspective has changed.  As I sit in an empty house, enjoying the quiet, I feel so blessed to share my special day on this most special day of Remembering.

On Memorial Day we remember those who have so sacrificially given their lives protecting our freedoms.  We remember those who have voluntarily served our nation in our armed forces.  We remember those who are serving in our military today.  And, we remember family members who have passed.

I'm grateful to be raised in a military family being taught respect and honor for my country.  I'm proud to be the daughter of an Air Force Colonel!  Our military personnel are priceless.

I'm so forever grateful!

Thank you for a Day to Remember and a Day to Honor our Heroes!

Happy Memorial Day!

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