Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity...Continuing to Let Go

"Simplicity in your lifestyle will ensure you a happy life."

That was the fortune I found in a cookie last week.  I'm not really one to believe in fortunes stashed inside the fortune cookie, unless they're verses I place inside homemade fortune cookies, but this one did spark interest as we continue to try to simplify by shedding the extra "stuff" accumulated.

I've posted before about moving the "stuff" out that clutters in hopes of not only freeing up space, but also creating a clutter-free life so we can enjoy this current time.  If you know our home...we still have a ways to go, but I think we've definitely made a reduction in the 19 thousand pounds of goods we moved down with us to Southern California.

This weekend we made the leap to probably the biggest "Letting Go" we're going to experience in awhile.  We put our beautiful, custom-built-on-acreage-with-gorgeous-views home on the market.  If I sound a bit saddened and remorseful...I probably am.

We built this amazing home with hopes of living here forever.  I secretly wanted to be a farmer with large gardens, chickens, and perhaps a cow.  I wanted to have our kids to have space to run.  I wanted to enjoy evenings staring into the beautiful star-filled sky.  I wanted....

But, life changed.

We realized at this time in our lives we don't have the time to maintain this beautiful place we called home.  Our kids, education and activities take up so much time.

I've been looking at photos of the house and I'm feeling rather sentimental.

When we left it in 2009

Under construction

The first small garden

Loved my zinnias!

My girlie!

My boy loved this mound of dirt and CRIED when it was
eventually removed.

Wide open spaces

Under construction

I can't say I have any sense if we're doing the right thing.  I don't know if I've ever been more uncertain as I feel right now.  And sadly, I wonder if we'll ever have it so good.  I guess with all this uncertainty, I'll be relying on God more and more.  Who knows what tomorrow brings.

My prayer is that I'd continue to develop trust.

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