Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lakers v. Clippers Date Night VIPs

I love it when a blessing comes our way and we are able to escape on a much needed date night.

My hub called me a couple weeks ago to let me know he was given a couple tickets, and a parking pass, to the Clippers v. Lakers game.  I was so excited as I love a date night and a night in Los Angeles makes the event even more exciting.

After getting the kids squared away we headed to LA.  I drove because everyone (mainly me) will be in a much better mood if I drive.  Traffic was good.  Great conversation catching up.  With all the great conversation I forgot to even ask where we'd be sitting.  Once before we went to a game and had great seats, I think 100 level; I thought this time they'd be the same.

As we got closer we started talking about our parking pass.  What I didn't know was it was for Lot 1... right next to Staples Center.

I have to admit, I feel so cool when we get something like a great parking pass.  I know it sounds lame, but a good parking pass can make a girlie feel... well...important.  It's the little things in life, you know.

As we were walking up, the topic of where our seats were came up.  Hub then told me we had tickets in a VIP suite! WHAT?!?!  VIP?

Honestly, I didn't even know what that meant, but it sounded "important."  Some may have VIP treatment all the time, but this is an uncommon luxury. I felt like we were living large!

We were directed to go, "Through the doors, up the escalator..."

Only VIPs go through the doors.  Then someone checks your tickets again.  Then it's escalator ride time.  And who would be on our escalator??  Really, I didn't know who he was, BUT I recognized him.  He had a large afro, Lakers shirt and a gaggle of kids who looked similar to him.  I told my hub, "He's...ah.....someone."  I tell you soon who our fellow rider was.

We then arrived on a carpeted floor with smooth sultry lighting.  It was hotel-ish. We searched for our room, Room 25.

Swiping the ticket

Hub told me to scan our tickets at the door and it would unlock.

We had arrived at the VIP room.

I was excited, but played it cool like I do this all the time.

I rushed to our seats and pulled out the cell phone to do a little Google search to remind myself of the gentleman we saw on the escalator.  I typed in the search "Rapper who has been in family movies."

The first item that came up was our guy... Ice Cube!  Ice Cube and his little Cubes were at the game.  I recognized his face from the family movies, Are We There Yet? and Are We Done Yet?

That was fun.

Then we settled in to watch the game.  We didn't see I.C. anymore.

I'm not a huge sports fan as I don't have time to watch professional sports.  I watch a lot of kids sports, but sitting on a weekend watching the TV just doesn't happen.  My hub spent the first half hour or so answering my many questions about the teams, who was playing, the big stars of each team, etc.  Luckily he's patient.

Here are some highlights of what we saw:


Staple Center

Out the window on our floor


Clippers were home team

Home Town Rivals

I was hungry so we went to grab a bite

The View



Half-Time Show...Ummm...

Cirque De Soleil...Are you kidding me?  STRONG!

Seriously?  Who can do this?

Not me...EVER!

The whole program displayed amazing strength yet it was amazingly awkward at the same time.
Perhaps it had something to do with the gold outfits.

Game's back


See this guy in the red hat?  He was basically on the court for much of the game.

Who is he?  I watched him just because.

Here he is again.

And again...

Hi Billy!

Check out that score.  It was a tight game!

Many time outs!

Yes, honey, I see you with that camera in my face.


So close!

The Clippers fell apart at the end and then...a TERRIBLE pass!

Sports guy in thought

What a great night!  The Lakers won!  We had a fun date!  I sat in VIP seats for the first time in my life!  We made it home safely.


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