Saturday, April 07, 2012

Easter Rice Krispies Nests

Despite the many cookie recipes I try, a favorite among the kids, and Hub especially, are Rice Krispies  treats.  I remember the early days in college when I first met my sweetheart and wanted to impress him with some good home cooking. Sadly, in my tiny dorm room I only had a microwave and a pot for boiling water. Sometimes you have to make due and in this mini-dorm room microwave I would whip up Rice Krispies treats for him and they stole his heart!

Twenty-plus years later, Rice Krispies treats still speak his Love Language.

This year for an Easter treat, we made little Rice Krispies nests.  Not only are they yummy, they open up Easter history discussion.  Why do we celebrate with eggs and bunnies?  Why do we color eggs?  Where did these traditions come from?

If you're interested in hearing what the answers to these questions are along with more great insight into teaching your kids about Easter, listen to Focus on the Family online here.

According to the discussion with Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer, the bunny is a fertility symbol representing new life and a sign of spring.  The bunny symbol dates back before Jesus's time.  The egg is another fertility symbol and a GREAT source of protein!

In northern Europe, before Christianity, people would go out every spring and hunt eggs, eventually making the quest a children's activity thus beginning the tradition of egg hunts for multi-colored eggs (as you know not all eggs are just white and brown).  Then parents began coloring the plain ones.  If you'd like natural dye ideas click here.

During the middle ages, the custom of dyeing red eggs became popular in remembrance of Christ's blood shed for us.

If you're a parent and concerned about the commercialization of Easter and all the bunny and egg business, I'd recommend listening to the Focus on the Family podcast and bringing the truth back home.  Don't overwhelm your kids with every detail of the crucifixion, but meet them where they are in an age appropriate presentation.

Here's a fun little activity to begin the discussion.

Make Rice Krispies Treats as directed here.

Top with shredded coconut, colored with green food coloring.  Place Whoppers Robin Eggs on top along with a Peep bunny or chick.

Okay...check out the NAILS!  She loves them even though they only last a couple hours.

Hello, clicky-chicky nails!

The front bunny didn't like his nest and when I turned my
back he made a leap off onto the floor!  Crazy Bunny!

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I love these Kim! Ari looks like a pro too! :) Thank you!