Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Brother Visits

The saying that time flies when you're having fun is so true.  I can't believe we've lived in southern California for almost three years!  In these three years we've had some friends and family visit, but in May we had some extra special visitors.  I think we had my mother-in-law, my Grandma and most recently my brother, sister-in-law and niece came for a one week visit.  As expected, the seven days FLEW by!

I went a little crazy taking photos of them all!

On their first full day we headed to Los Angeles for a stop at a couple of my favorite places...The Grove, Farmer's Market, then a drive up to Griffith Park.

My sister-in-law was awed with Mr. Wonderful Personality Mario Lopez.  The girls were able to dance with him while Donna Summer played in the background.  Later in the day, we stopped by Donna Summer's star on Hollywood Blvd. as she had passed away the day we were out.  While watching Mario tape Extra, we were given a ticket for a gift.  At the end of the taping, we received a bag FULL of girlie foo-foo goods!  It was a $165 value!  Yay for us!!

On the set

So Excited to see MARIO!!!

Not so excited to see Mario...
Beware!  This is your Mario Alert!  There are an uber number of Mario pics to follow.  I know, it's also nerd tourist alert, but I have to keep the visitors happy.  Extra is an easy way to get a TV personality fix.

Mario signing an autograph


Perhaps, Mario is texting his peeps letting them know we were visiting.

The girls doing their clapping routine

See Mario in the background?

Our Gift!
Oh La La!
Because they were on a special outing, and my niece's birthday is in June, she was able to go to The American Girl store and pick out a special American Girl doll.  She chose one who looked most like her.

Purchase complete...A new American Girl owner

One big bag!

At the Farmer's Market we enjoyed DELICIOUS, meaty sandwiches from Phil's Deli.  Oh, I love a good Reuben!

Doesn't this make you drool?!?!

After lunch we enjoyed, or tried to enjoy a sit-down-in-the-sunshine couple minutes, but my oldest and youngest decided out of the eight chairs available they wanted the same one.  What ensued was a battle for the chair.  Pushing, whining, pushing, and more whining.  Finally, I figured since I was with my sibling, I'd like to experience the push-off for the same chair.  It turned into a laugh off!  Good times!  

Battle for the chair begins...

My best push against this stationary wall

Her push

She's getting tired...
The push...

The fall off

The re-group

Oops...I knocked the Pradas off

Getting ready to give someone the business!

Thinking...what can I do to my sister next?

The Happy Guy

The Grove Sign


Love this face

On the trolley

Next we headed up the hill to see the Hollywood sign from a distance and walk around the top of the world at Griffith Observatory.

My SIL took photos on the way.


My brother and niece with the Hollywood sign in the background

The Griffith Observatory

This is proof that as we think we're still, we're still rotating on Earth.

The Haze

Donna Summer's Star on Hollywood Blvd.  News reporters covering her unexpected death.

Beverly Hills

Lastly we cruised down Rodeo Drive then back on Santa Monica Blvd and off to the freeway.

What a great day!

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