Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Mommas Get Interviewed

While at the Ocean View Welcome Home last night a number of moms had to create human "Caution Tape" to keep the crowds back while the boys were being interviewed by the media.  Mostly we had to hold back the 12-year old girls who've taken quite an interest in the boys. 

While holding hands in our Momma Bear line, a couple reporters from the Los Angeles news media came and interviewed us.  I shook my head no to the interview afraid of what goofy thing I may say, but the reporter encouraged us to say a few words.  Here's one of the reports from KCAL. 

(Click on the words in orange)

Ocean View Little League Team Celebrates World Series Win: The Ocean View Little League team of Huntington Beach is back at home celebrating their World Series win. Juan Fernandez reports.

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