Sunday, January 25, 2009


Today the boys in our family headed to the mountain and my girl and I stayed home. To make our day more eventful and not just a sit-around-the-house kind of day, we decided to take in a movie and wander around the mall.
We're now at the place where we can walk together. Gone are the days of strollers and diaper bags packed in the back of the car. We now shop together and my little princess loves to take a trip to the "fitting room" to try on clothes. She loves that she is growing up, but I'm trying to put on the breaks and slow this train down.
After this week of making it to the learning how to ride a bike milestone, I've reflected on the other milestones our youngest is achieving. It feels as if I'm soaking her in more because I don't want to miss anything or more importantly not remember every detail of our kid's lives.
I've loved having the opportunity to teach her how to read this year. Teaching a child how to read is usually not my favorite thing to do. It's very slow and can be frustrating, but for some reason I'm really enjoying it. I love watching her little mouth as she's trying to produce the "th" or the "f" sounds. With the "th" her tongue comes out sometimes spittle makes me laugh. Or the way she tries to sound out the word "old" but always says "load" when she tries to prounounce it. We get a chuckle out of it now. Her brain must mix the letters up in the process from sounding to saying.
Oh, and I love looking at her little arms. Her skin is so soft and I can still see the faint dimples in her precious!
Yesterday when we were driving in the car she realized she has a tooth that is beginning to wiggle quite a bit. She still has all her baby teeth. I asked her if I'd still recognize her if she lost some of her teeth. She reassured me that I'd still know it was her because she can still recognize her friends who have lost their teeth. But what she didn't realize is I'm thinking of the "little girl" face I'm so familiar with. Will she lose that with the teeth and start looking like a "big girl?"
I wonder if every mom who realizes her time with her kids is quickly slipping by thinks on these things? I know I do. I'm grateful for the opportunity to spend every day with these precious gifts and really KNOW them. What a blessing!!

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