Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coyote Wanderer

This must be animal week at our house. First the rodent and now...The Coyote!
I woke up this morning, went to do the morning routine of filling the coffee pot (Yes, the NEW coffee pot) with ultra-filtered water (which is located in the laundry room off the kitchen). I stood looking at the frost covered lawn and took in the beauty of the clear, yet crisp morning.
Then, much to my surprise, across the back yard wandered a BIG dog...wait a minute...I refocused my eyes and realized that is no dog- It's a Coyote!
The coyote was limping across the yard while holding one back leg up. I quickly shouted to the kids to look out the window.
We wondered a couple things. Why was he wandering around in broad daylight? We hear them at night occaisionally, but never during the day. And...Why was he limping? Did he get hit by a car? Was he dazed? Who knows?
He limped though our yard and then went to the adjacent pasture and paused. He stood for a couple seconds and then suddenly dipped his nose to the ground and came up with a rodent in his mouth. He stood there enjoying his breakfast and took off to the north.
Crazy mornings in Rodentsville!

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