Saturday, June 16, 2012

Perfect Words, Perfect Timing

This week was All-Star selection in our local little league.  It's met with enthusiasm and anticipation as boys from ages 9-13ish await to find out if they've "made the cut."  It's also a stressful time of anticipation for parents too.  Do we prepare our kids for the excitement or the big letdown?

Sports, politics and the politics of kids' sports stir up a mixed bag of emotions.  On one hand, I know in every league, if people are involved there will be amazing dedicated volunteers, kids striving for the best they can be and parents hoping their child will shine in America's Best-Loved sport.  On the other hand, with people involved and human flaws, life happens and the outcomes are not always fair...but that's life.  It's not fair.  And that's okay.

We learn from these experiences.

In our household one of our sons was chosen for All-Stars and the other wasn't.

Life happens.

Prior to the selection I sensed this was going to happen and tried to prepare our sweetheart who probably wasn't going to make it.  It wasn't due to lack of effort, drive, determination, performance, preparation or skill.

Life just happens.


More importantly God knew this was going to happen and He loves my little precious more than I do and He ordained for the PERFECT words to be delivered at the PERFECT time.

Our boys go to a {Christian} pitching/catching coach every so often.  He played amateur ball for the California Angels and had a brief experience playing MLB with the Cardinals. He made it to the Majors and then went on to a career as a pitching coach.  One thing I love about this coach is he teaches our boys pitching/catching techniques, while also pouring a Godly, eternal perspective into the coaching.

This past week when our precious went to his lesson, his coach asked, "How was your week?"

Our son replied, "I didn't make the All-Star team."

The coach's response surprised our son, "Okay.  What else?"

In our son's world a major blow had been experienced, and his coach asked him, "What else?"

In asking him that, I don't think the coach was trivializing the concern or the let down, but he was giving our son opportunity to put this roadblock into perspective.

His coach went on to tell him, "I NEVER made the All-Star team," yet he made it (be it ever so briefly) to the Big Leagues.

These are good words and good reminders.

Just because one does or does not make "the team" has no reflection on future success and/or failure.

We've always taught our kids LIFE ISN'T FAIR.  Just because we THINK we may deserve a reward, position, job or accolade does not mean we will receive it. Despite what life hands you, HOLD your head high, continue to WORK hard, NEVER let a roadblock stop you, and be the BEST YOU God has designed.

That's all we can do.

I'm reminded of the verse in Psalm 37:4
Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
I have to say, our boy is handling this whole thing very well.  He's rolling with it, and realizes everything happens for a reason.  It was not meant to be that he play on an All-Star team this summer.  God has other plans for him.

And we're all okay with that.

Blessings to you today and remember, if you find yourself at a roadblock, take a detour.  Perhaps something bigger and better is awaiting.

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