Friday, July 29, 2011

The Great Hair Experiment: Unshampooing Update

You know it's been awhile when you can't remember when you last washed your hair.  I had to go through my posts to remember.  Monday.  That was the last day I washed my hair after reading about Simple Mom's hair cleansing method.  It's now Friday!  I'm shocked I've made it this long.  I've honestly been a wash-the-hair-daily girlie most of my life.  If I skipped a day, it was a baseball cap day.  And, this week I've worked out every day, so not only has my hair had the normal amount of oils, it's had intense Cross-Fit sweat exposure.

I'm not trying to gross you all out, I was just curious as to what would happen if only baking soda, water and organic apple cider vinegar were used on my hair to clean it.  Would it really work?  Could it clean my hair as Simple Mom described?

To keep you all apprised on the results we've been taking daily photos.  We didn't photo Tuesday because it was too soon.  Nothing exiting happens with hair in one day.


My little cheeseball!



I still fixed my hair on Thursday, but no washing.

The scalp test


No fixing the hair today.  Just a brush out.

Scalp test.  I think it's time to wash it.

The Verdict

I think this baking soda, organic apple cider vinegar thing is Excellent!  It's all natural.  There are no harsh chemicals.  It keeps your hair clean for an extended period of time.  It held up to heavy duty sweating, sun and beach exposure.  I think it's better for my hair too.  Less washing will allow the natural oils to condition the hair.  It will save money over time.  And, I feel good about it!

Now I have to decide whether to wash today, or just throw on the baseball cap.  Decisions, decisions!

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