Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baggie #1 Finds A Home!

We had a couple errands to do today and while approaching a red light there was a man standing on the median.  We've never seen him before.

Our middle son said, "Mom, that's him!" and quickly reached for our baggie.  I guess he knew that was the person who was supposed to be the recipient of the baggie.

I rolled my window down.  The man glanced at me and took the baggie.  He didn't really smile.  He looked down.  His teeth were pretty bad.  My girlie said from the back seat, "Good thing we have toothpaste for him."

He continued to hold his sign.

We drove off.  Being the giver is a great thing.  We're blessed.

We're going to get more baggies ready.

1 comment:

Amber said...

What a great idea.
I think we may have to get some baggies and keep them in the car as well.
I also have a girl scout troop and that would be a great service type project, to set up bagggies and take them to the local shelter or to hand out with their parents.
Thank you for sharing.
And I bet even though he didn't smile he was glad to get those needed items.
Good job to your son!