Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Accidental Career Day

Do you wonder what your children will grow up to be one day?  I often do.  I think about their God-given gifts and try to imagine what occupation they will one day grow up to have. 

We have a great negotiator and I wonder if he will be an attorney.  He's also extremely caring and physical.  I could see him as a fire fighter, perhaps.  He's also a great leader.  Maybe he'll be a corporate manager or a politician and will help the masses figure out how to get along.

Another child of ours has a question for every minute of the day.  He's great asking questions of which he already knows the answers.  I wonder if he'll be a journalist or a television interviewer.  He's also very analytical.  Perhaps his field of choice will be engineering.  Maybe he'll combine the analytical with the questioning and will become a doctor.

Our youngest child is singing and performing all the time.  She's great on a stage.  Will she be an actress or take a leadership role in a company.  She's also a wonderful baker.  Will her talent in the kitchen guide her life occupational choice?

There are so many options, it's fun to wonder.  One day they'll make a decision and I'm looking forward to knowing what it will be, but for today I can just about guarantee none of them will go into the veterinary field.

This is Luke. 

Luke hasn't been feeling well lately.  How do I know this?  He's been staring at me.  He follows me around the house and occasionally he yells at me.  Well, it's not actually yelling, but when he stares, follows, and then lets out a yelp/meow, it feels like a yell.  He's been unsettled.  Inside, outside, back inside.  At my feet, staring.  A mom knows when something is not right and something was not right with Luke.

We scheduled an appointment at a new vet.  Dr. Bang (pronounced Bong) came recommended. 

When we arrived at the vet we were directed to a room.  I was with our two youngest kids and Luke.  We went to the room and eventually two gentlemen came in.  One was Dr. Kang (pronounced Kong).  I guess Dr. Bang (Bong) was not available.  Dr. Kang began to ask questions about Luke's health and demeanor.  The kids watched.  I watched.  I love these teachable moments when everyday occurrences are like field trips.

Dr. Kang asked about Luke's eating habits, his potty times, and vomiting.  He began checking Luke's abdomen to see if there were any obstructions.  Dr. Kang and his assistant were by Luke's head.  The kids were sitting on chairs on the other side of the examining table.  I was standing in front of them.  Luke's backside was facing me.

"Uh Huh,  Hmmm," said Dr. Kang.  He squeezed Luke and the next thing I knew Luke's pee was shooting across the table all over my new Gap shorts and the floor.  The kids jumped on their seats.  I stood there like a mom does who gets peed on routinely.  Actually, I haven't been peed on for some time, but I know how it goes.  I guess the good news is, Luke doesn't have any obstructions.

Dr. Kang and assistant continued the examination as though it was no big deal.  They quickly grabbed a urine tester and began mopping up the urine with it.  I guess there was no need to ask Luke to pee in the cup after that.  After a moment, Dr. Kang came back to reality and realized I was covered in pee and asked the assistant to clean up the table and floor.  I asked for a wipe.

Before I sound like a urine-whiner, we have to clarify this is cat pee.  Cat pee is some of the worst in the world, at least in the domestic front.  Once cat pee gets on something, it could be a goner.

Over the years we've used Nature's Miracle to counteract this type of accident.  Let's hope it works.

While all this excitement was going on, our youngest gave me the, "I'm going to be sick look" and asked if she could move to the waiting room.  "Why?"  I asked.  I was a veterinarian's assistant in high school and thought even though there was a bit of an accident, this was still educational material.  I encouraged her to stay.

The look of horror on the faces of our kids let me know neither of these kiddos was going to ask to go to veterinarian school. 

Fortunately, the rest of the appointment was pretty low-key.  Luke had to get a couple antibiotic injections then we were on our way.  Well, after we paid the $100 bill. 

Today our little Lukey seems to be doing better.  He's a bit more spunkier and seems to be in a better mood.  Maybe he just doesn't want to go back to the vet.

Me neither.  Next time I'll consider wearing my disposable apron.

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