Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modern Day Eye Openers

The thing about volunteering to be an audience member on the Dr. Drew Lifechangers show is you basically have no idea what the show will be about until you arrive and are getting "warmed up" by funny guy, Roger.

I have to be honest. There are a lot of things I know nothing about.  I wouldn't say naive, just unaware.  As a stay-at-home, homeschool, sports-minded mom,  there's not much time to watch television.  I find it nearly impossible to keep up on the latest programming, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, and the like unless it's part of news talk radio updates I catch in the early morning.  I don't know who is on Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, or Survivor.  I've never watched any of them, but I do know Lindsay Lohan evaded another trip to the clink.

I hoped the topic of discussion on Lifechangers would be something I could relate to.  After visiting Dr. Drew's website, I was a bit nervous to learn what the episode would be about.  I secretly hoped we'd be sitting in on a talk about finicky eaters or quick wardrobe fixes and not a topic familiar to the set of Jerry Springer.

I was hoping.

Well, when we arrived Roger told us we'd be part of a taping following up on the "Bunny Ranch."  I'm thinking 4-H, lopped-eared, little hoppers.

I looked at my friends.  I don't think they knew anything about it either.

Once again I felt like, country girl in the Big City.


As it turns out, the bunny ranch is nothing sweet and innocent like I was thinking. It's apparently a place, in Nevada, where women go to become prostitutes.


Dr. Drew followed two gals who were considering going into this age old profession to earn big bucks to support their families during this season of economic downturn.


The owners of the "ranch" talked about it like it was Disneyland or something.  "It's so fun!  So glamorous.  So exciting!"

Give me a break!  Such lies!

Dr. Drew, knowing the price that would actually be paid if either of the girls chose this profession, did his best to talk them out of it.

One gal opted not to seek a life of prostitution and said she'd continue on as an in home nurse.  Thank goodness!  She has a three year old.

The other gal was questionable.  There was a distinct strangeness about her.  One minute she'd sit crying her eyeballs out and the next she's checking herself out on the prompters, messing with her hair, lips and dress.  Something was just not right about her and her family.  She left telling Dr. Drew she was going to "give it a try." Yikes!

So...what came to mind watching this?

Well, first off...WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?????

There is NO money in the world worth making this type of decision!  Money will never buy happiness, peace of mind, purity, or fill the voids of life.  The cost of making a decision to live the life of selling your body will never be matched by dollars.  My momma heart wanted to walk up to the stage, give those girls a hug and say, "Don't do it!"

I couldn't help but think of International Justice Mission.  They go around the world rescuing girls from the terrible life of prostitution and yet these gals were willing to walk into it.  They made it sound like it's all about money.  So sad!  Around the world young girls are being sold into sexual slavery- all for money.  Fathers sell their daughters.  Young girls and young women are unknowingly captured or persuaded into the slave trade in the hopes of providing for the family.  This is SO wrong! This is why people from organizations like IJM are risking their lives to help these girls, yet here in Nevada, we have beautiful young women willingly walking into the same deceptive trap. Heartbreaking!

So what to do?

Recognize the reality of the world.  Prostitution is nothing new.  Even in Jesus's own lineage he had a prostitute, Rahab.  As we learned with Rahab, there is a renewed life of blessing for those willing to live lives surrendered to God.

Support International Justice Mission or similar organizations that fight against these evils.

I heard Mark Driscoll once talk about Annie Lobert and Hookers for Jesus.  These gals have experienced the life of prostitution and escaped it.  They have found a new life through Christ.  I read Annie Lobert has also been on Dr. Drew's Lifechanger's program.  Too bad she wasn't there for this episode.

Reading Annie's story reminds me there is always hope.  Hope for something better. Hope for tomorrow.

I hope these gals figure out there are other options in life than seeking out the lies leading down the road of destruction.

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